CardNest – A review of some beautiful cards

I am terrible when it comes to preparing for birthdays and anniversaries. I actually do remember the occasion and then spend my time running around at the last minute panic buying things that can be delivered within 24 hours. I have also been known to Google places that will do the same day delivery. My hubby is even worse. Between the both of us, we have about 12 nieces and nephews in total so you’d think we’d be slightly more organised.

So when CardNest contacted me about sampling their cards and doing a review I was definitely willing.
I received two beautifully presented pack of 3 cards, attractively packaged with a nice varied selection. I got a variety of birthday cards, thinking of you cards and thank you cards as well as stamps!!! So all the stress is taken out of remembering to send a card. All cards are blank which allows you to scribble in your own personalised message. I like the mixture of classic simple graphics and quirky stylish images. I also liked that you get a little information on who has designed the cards each month. Its a lovely and especially nice that they support budding artists in this way.

CardNest 1

cardnest 5

CardNest 2


CardNest 4

Subscribers to CardNest are topped up each month with three ‘bright and beautiful cards for all sorts of occasions’. As well as those handy greetings, CardNest also delivers cards that aren’t occasion specific to help you keep in touch with the extra special people in your life. Whether you want to just say ‘hello’, tell a loved one you miss them or invite them for the weekend, it’s up to you. Read more about their mission here.

Sign up is ultra easy and you can check when the next posting date is to see when you’ll receive your batch. All cards are designed by their own artists so you’re getting something unique. You can also cancel anytime and aren’t bound into a contract.

It’s just £7.50/month in the UK and £10/month for subscribers outside of the UK, including delivery (first class stamps are an optional extra and available in the UK only).

CardNest are offering an exclusive coupon code which gives 50% off your first month (including stamps!).
Here’s your unique coupon code – this will expire on 7/12/14: *YEAROFF50*

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21 thoughts on “CardNest – A review of some beautiful cards”

    1. Ah thank you! It’s not great having to dash out and grab a card that’s only half decent – for once we’re big fans of hoarding and building up a bit of a stash!

    1. Haha my mum loves to frame cards and puts them up in the downstairs loo! It’s my mum’s own independent gallery apparently 😉

    1. Thanks Hayley! We love those ‘just because’ moments. Hopefully we can all start writing to each other again and not going on auto-pilot by grabbing our phones! 🙂

    1. Ah thank you Kim, very nice of you to say! What we love is that subscribers receive different cards each month and you don’t quite know what you’re going to get so it’s a nice surprise! 🙂

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