Dearest Little Z – At 3 years and 11 months

Hello Little Z!

So it’s the last month you’re going to be Three. The year really have flown by and we should be starting to plan for your birthday party next month when you turn the grand old age of 4. Wow! In some ways it feels like you should still be 3 for at least a few more months but in other ways it does feel right you’re turning a year older.

We can’t get anything past you anymore and you have an answer for everything. You’re like a little Columbo who knows when we’re fibbing and will regularly retort with “No it isn’t!” then correct us with whatever the fact of the matter is. I should probably buy you a long oversized coat and be done with. You continue to be very stubborn (like your Daddy ..of course) but say the funniest things on an almost daily basis. I realised last week you’d never seen anyone light up a cigarette before. You watched the man outside the cafe we were sat in and stared a good while before turning to me a bit confused asking, “Mummy, why is that man putting a candle in his mouth? Its hot!”. Thankfully the man couldn’t hear you through the window but he did glance over once as you carried on gawping at him in surprise and confusion.

You seem to have the memory of an elephant now and NEVER EVER forget something, even if its only been uttered the once. It’s impressive but obviously comes back to bite me on the bum repeatedly. Like the other day when I pulled up in the petrol station forecourt, you asked me why I needed petrol. Absent mindedly I quipped it was because “Your Daddy used it all up!”. (which, to be fair, he did!). A couple of days later we all got in the car to go out and you put on your best telling off voice and firmly came out with “Daddy! Why did you finish Mummy’s petrol??”. Your Daddy laughed with surprise and I laughed with a different kind of surprise, making am mental note to watch more of what I say.

As you get older its really amusing having a full conversation with you. It’s equally entertaining watching you make stories up and passing them off as real events. Especially as you have an imaginary friend again and keep making more plans to go visit him at his house. At least, I think he’s imaginary. I should really look at all the pre-school coat pegs for names again just to double check. For a while you would keep glancing at your bare wrist and telling us what time it is. You know have your very own watch which you place next to Daddy’s each night and put on every morning and proceed to tell everyone whatever time you think it is. It’s “half past 8” a lot according to that little watch of yours.

We’ve been visiting zoos and legoland and trying to see Reindeers. Alas the queue was too long for the reindeer so we have to go back for that. You weren’t too bothered once you got to sit in a car made entirely of Lego.

You made a little discovery this month whilst your Grandad was putting furniture together and found that a magnetised screw driver will pick up metal screws. You spent a good hour “fishing” and making people join in. We’ve since bought you this. We spend some of our days regularly waiting for the fish to take the bait now.

Next month is going to be pretty exciting with your birthday and the holidays and everything else going on and it’ll be a nice way to wrap up the year too I think.


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24 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z – At 3 years and 11 months”

  1. I love reading Z’s updates. It doesn’t seem long since he turned 3! I had a chuckle at him telling Daddy off about the petrol. We had similar experiences with our kids and cigarettes. I think it’s something to be proud of that a child can make it to nearly 4 without ever encountering anyone smoking 🙂
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The Levellers go old schoolMy Profile

  2. Oh my gosh he sounds so so so similar to Aaron. I think they would get on so very well. Aaron regularly corrects us. He is so articulate and so accute that we struggle to tell him he is cheeky as we’re normally busy laughing or giving each other that knowing look that says “here we go again”. He makes me laugh with his wisdom and observations every day. I think this phase of 3/4 is a very good one.
    We didn’t have a 4 party. We just spent the day at Peppa Pig World.
    Good luck with yours, I will look forward to reading about it xxx
    Liska @NewMumOnline recently posted…What Do You Buy The Coffee Lover in Your Life for ChristmasMy Profile

  3. Can’t believe he will be 4 so soon! Your next month sounds so amazing. Definitely an amazing way to wrap up the year! Love the lego race car buba would be in heaven. He is growing up so very fast right before our eyes. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ wk 42My Profile

  4. We have a lot of ‘half past 5’ 🙂 Don’t know what it is about 3 year olds and half pasts!
    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood recently posted…The LetterMy Profile

  5. Time flies doesn’t it? I remember H’s 4th birthday so clearly because it was his last preschool one and we pushed the boat out a bit. Z is loving that car isn’t he? He’ll be wanting to go to Legoland next.
    Erica Price recently posted…Week 47 of 2014My Profile

  6. Four!! It’s strange when you’ve read blogs for a while and see their children growing up, you are almost as shocked as their parents when they reach another year older 🙂 Lucas is starting to remember things too, usually the things you really wish they would forget! I love that he said that to his Dad 🙂
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…A Handmade ChristmasMy Profile

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