Happy 4th Birthday Little Z

Happy Birthday!

And so it is, you turn the grand old age of four this week and I do what I do every year leading up to your birthday and reminisce about the week you were born. It had snowed really really heavily and I spent the last two weeks before you were born completely bored out of my head sat indoors watching too much TV, eating too much and sleeping for hours and hours. You finally came along after a very long 40 hour labour and emergency section and I was almost hyper with happiness whilst feeling like I’d been hit by several tonnes of bricks.

It feels like you’ve grown up a lot this last year. After a lot of bawling from me we potty trained you straight after your third birthday and it really wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’m not sure why I left it so long now but am very glad that’s all done and dusted. You started pre-school and that was like another massive milestone. You cried each time I dropped you off for an entire term. You did fall in love with all your keyworkers though, as did I, and a year on you love playing with your friends and causing mischief together. There are still plenty of days you say you don’t want to go and that you want to stay at home with me and there are times I let you and we skive off and do something instead. It’s your last year before full time education so we may as well make the most of it.

You now have an answer for absolutely everything and keep us on our toes every minute you’re awake. People tell us the 4s are a bit more challenging and interesting so that’s err…something to look forward to. With some luck you may even skip that phase but so far you’ve gone through every phase for every age so I guess we just need to suck it up. And occasionally maybe scream into a pillow.

I think you take after me as you’re always asking what we’re doing that day or when we’re going on holiday. I need to teach more you than the destination “Turkey”. I’m thinking “Northern lights” or maybe even “Florida”. I’m not really sure if the first is child friendly but it kinda sounds it, right? We only have till April so we best get a move on. Your Daddy stared at me when I suggested it. I am taking that as a yes!

We’ve been having a massive clear out of your old clothes and toys over the last few weeks and we told you about children who couldn’t always afford to have toys so asked which ones you’d like to give to them to play with to make them happy. You thought about it long and hard for a few seconds and then let out a wail of “I DONT WANT to give them my toys. Tell their mummy to get toys!”. Followed by a lot of sobbing and almost body guarding of your toy box. I think we need to still work on your sharing a bit next year.

We are in full party planning mode for next week and the week after. I think I may be more excited that you. Each year I tell myself I am definitely not doing one next year and each year I do and am glad I did. I am anticipating a lot of Olaf presents this year as that’s your favourite. You’ve already had a dry run last week with Grandma when you bought her a Frozen cake for her birthday then helped her blow out her candle. I think you’re going to be very pleased with your own snowman and minion themed cakes. A big Happy Birthday for tomorrow and lets hope the parties are a lot of fun!


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  1. Ah, it’s Grandma’s cake! Happy birthday to Z for this week. I hope you will all have a brilliant time.
    If it’s any consolation/ reassurance, I don’t remember 4 being a difficult age at all. I think it was a rather cute age when they were just getting really clever, but still so sweet and innocent. I realise now that Z was born in the same snow we had when my daughter was 4 and had a terrible chest infection which lasted over a week (because the doctor wouldn’t see a 4yo child with a 40 degree temperature for six days!). That was some serious snow and cold that year!
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  2. Happy Birthday Z! A ended up with that cake (long story involving a caketastrophe and a vomiting husband!)I’m sure year 4 will bring it’s challenges but they will be outweighed by all of the good bits although they do suddenly grow up a lot this year, which is a bit scary
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  3. Ahhhh Happy fourth Birthday little Z. I can’t believe how fast that seemed to go. I love reading about when you were born. That’s amazing. I usually write letters to my childs and am falling behind miserably. Boo. Love this post and hope you celebrate all month long. I have a bday next week shhh it’s great to have festive birthdays isn’t it Z? Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and for all the amazing linky support in 2014! I can’t thank you enough. Happy Holidays! #sharewithme
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  4. ahhh happy birthday to your Z, sorry im late reading this! that cake looks DELISH and im exactly the same about parties, always think it isnt worth all the hassle then i see my boy having a great time and i realise its all worth it. hope he had a lovely time x

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