Dearest Little Z at 4 years and 1 month

Hello Little Z!

Well, you’re properly now 4 years old and both getting used to it. I think you’d rather still be 3 though and you keep regularly remind us of how you don’t want to be 4, you want to be 3! I think it may take another month or so to fully get used to the idea.

We’re back into the swing of routine and preschool and what a difference a year makes. I remember this time last year you’d just been potty trained and you’d just started preschool. You would bawl regularly every time I left you and I carried about a big daily dose of mother guilt. The keyworkers would assure me that you had a lot of fun but it took me a bit of time to stop pressing my face up against the windows of the doors. I’d also dread them telling me you’d peed your pants even though they were all solidly immune to it.

A whole year on and you will wave me off and join your little gang of friends happily and talk the ears off pretty much all the keyworkers. I do still have a teeny tiny paranoia about you wetting your pants but that’s because you’d rather challenge yourself to the very last minute as playing is much more fun.

You are full of conversation and stories now and entertain us regularly with a lot of your wise words. You took a big shine to my hire car this month and there was a lot of disappointed waving bye to it when we dropped it off. I have to say I was pretty glad to get my own car back.

We’ve all felt a tiny bit of the January blues and we did our best to cheer up from it so we’ve now booked for a nice sunny break in a few months. You were very excited about sitting on a plane till you realised we weren’t leaving that very second for our flight. You eventually got bored asking when we were leaving and I think you may have forgotten about it. It’s our fault really, we shouldn’t have mentioned it so soon so I’m secretly glad the non stop questioning has stopped. In your words …”Phew! That’s was closer!”

It’s only January and it already feels like we have the year half planned out. There are going to be more new baby cuddles and at least a couple of weddings. I just need to try fit into my dresses. I am happy to say I have now started eat fruit again. It was touch and go there for a little bit during the entirety of December but we waded on through all the cakes and chocolates. We just need to make sure we have a lot of mid week fun trips too. After all, this is the year you’ll be starting SCHOOL!! Let’s not mention that for a few months at least ey? For now we’ll carry on enjoying such trips as the cinema, with mandatory humongous popcorn.

So, until next time. Mmmwah!!


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19 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z at 4 years and 1 month”

  1. Lovely post. Glad you’ve got your holiday booked now! I always think it’s amazing how kids come on leaps and bounds at preschool when they’re in their actual preschool year. It’s great to read how much Z has grown in confidence over the year.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Young Voices 2015My Profile

  2. What a lovely post, it’s great that little Z has settled so much in the last year. It’s funny that’s he’s determined he doesn’t want to be 4, I’m sure in a couple of years time he won’t be able to wait until he’s older. It’s great that he’s settled into preschool as well, it’s always more difficult if they don’t settle in well. Popping over from Magic Moments.
    Coombe Mill recently posted…Eat Your GreensMy Profile

  3. Oh bless him. Enjoy the next few months, I found they went so quickly with A and I can’t believe she has been in school for a whole term already! The holiday sounds good, I hope you are going somewhere nice.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Living Arrows Week ThreeMy Profile

  4. WOW I feel like when I first started reading these he was only a baby and now he is 4 year and some…. where has the time gone. He is always so happy and joyful. I love your little updates and it will be great for him to read when he is older. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ #3My Profile

  5. Hey! Wow! Our littles are getting big! I register L for Kindergarten next month! I’m excited and sad all at the same time. He is our last. I’m excited because his preschool is 20 minutes away each way, so 40 extra minutes for me and not in travel time will be awesome! lol Loved the post 😀
    L.A.C.E. recently posted…If Only For A Season (pt. 2)My Profile

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