Parties and Procrastinating

I always say I hate winter. I really really dislike the short days and long nights and how it is just so cold and dreary ALL the time. For about 4 whole months. I usually start my whinging about October time when the clocks go back and will start to ease up on it around end of January when it starts to stay lighter for longer. Then Little Z came along bang in the middle of December and things changed a whole lot. I still do whinge a lot about the dark dark nights but I do love launching myself into party organising for most of December. I think up amazing themes and never do anything about it. But I DO do a very excellent pass the parcel and kids party games and then invite the whole family around (consisting of about 30ish!) around…err…at my mums. My place is never big enough.


If I’m honest I just love everyone meeting and catching up and his birthday is the perfect reason for everyone to get together, talk too loud and way too much and be more than a bit silly. This year was no different and everyone shared their stories (and winter bugs), ate lots and joined in with all games with some very crap prizes. Little Z was over the moon when he won a set of dress up moustaches and wasn’t too fussed about winning anything else for the entire evening. It was the Other Half that pointed out later how he looked a like the Lorax. Everyone else showed a bit too much joy at winning One Direction random tat, including mugs and masks. I didn’t mean to buy so much but they do seem to be everywhere right now in the shops!

Other than partying we had a humongous clear out of Little Z’s toys and clothes which all went to various charities and refuges. There was a twinge of sadness in departing with his millions of little bits. It was very short lived though as his birthday presents have filled up the house again with another generation of millions of bits. Those bloomin minions do NOT shut up! Argggh!


There was also a LOT of procrastinating. I think we did a whole week of it. I can’t be sure as I’m not really clear what day was what and what we actually did. I do recollect random things…like when it felt like we were watching Lord of the rings for most of the day. And the time it felt like we were watching Frozen for most of the day. We definitely left the house to go watch the Penguins of Madagascar and I may have laughed a bit too hard at some not that funny parts. It was definitely less than the OAP couple next to me though who were at risk of wetting themselves from laughing really really hard at pretty much everything. Good movie, worth a watch!

Then there was the various nice drives we went on and the random photos I took of the views. And the tea time at Bettys in Harrogate which was lovely. And the time when Little Z learned the word “crotch” and used it all weekend with a lot of enthusiasm. And the point where we agreed its time to book a holiday.


It was definitely a very good couple of weeks and although I couldn’t tell you what else happened I can tell you it was very nice to have some very slow days filled with nothing and lots and lots. So I still hate winter with its dark nights and short days. But I do love December!


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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely couple of weeks. It certainly is a very relaxing time and it’s always hard to remember what day it is.
    Penguins of Madagascar is pretty much the only film we didn’t see over the holidays – we saw Paddington, Annie and Night at the Museum! I wish we’d found time for the Penguins now too.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Bad legMy Profile

  2. Fantastic photos. It looks like Little Z had a fabulous birthday. I love winter and the early dark nights, a chance to hibernate but am always a little tired of it by Spring x
    Louisa recently posted…Eating snowMy Profile

  3. awwww honey if my little guy saw little Z’s minions and his cake i would never hear the end of it! I am so pleased you have had a lovely few weeks and belated happy birthday to Little Z xx

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…Magic Moments 5/1/15My Profile

  4. I can so relate with this post in so many ways. One is the bits and bobs that’s all over my house that I tried clearing up pre-Christmas. I thought I got me some space but when opening of presents happened the cleared up space is now occupied by new bits & bobs!

    We also didn’t do anything. Just stayed at home playing (my son), cleaning (me) and watching anime (husband).

    Fun while it last cuz today we went back to our busy lives (school, blogging, work) and so those lazy days are really needed and appreciated =)

    Merlinda (@pixiedusk) recently posted…Living Arrows – 5 January 2015My Profile

  5. Glad you had a good time. It’s only really since we’ve started to get into the school term rhythm – this was our third year as such – that I’ve started to take two full weeks off at Christmas, and I love it. It feels more than twice as long as having a week off, if you know what I mean, and I love the fact that, particularly once Christmas Day is out of the way, we have a long period stretching out in front of us with not much planned in and no pressure to fill them. It’s so relaxing – perhaps too much so given how difficult I’m finding it to get back into the swing of things at work today!
    Tim recently posted…My Sunday Photo: 4/1/15 – Board gamesMy Profile

  6. I’ve always felt the same way as you about winter. But then my little one was born just after Christmas two years ago and now December is filled with a whirl of organising and celebrations. It’s exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂
    Sophie Lovett recently posted…Now you are twoMy Profile

  7. Sounds like you had a fab time! I always get a little sentimental when I have to give things away…of course I always forget about them until the time comes to part with them…I will never understand why I do that!

  8. Isn’t it aweful when you just have no clue what day it is! lol
    Since becoming a SAHD in Oct I have real issues with the days! I suppose at Christmas it doesnt matter what day it is. 🙂

  9. I think I am the same as you Taz- I love December because we are so busy and it is so full of family and fun. But I hate January. It is just the most dreary month, although this week we are off on holiday so it’s a slightly better one than normal! But normally it is so horrible and depressing. Roll on Spring! It sounds like you had a good one though. x
    Katie @mummydaddyme recently posted…Three Christmases- Our Christmas 2014.My Profile

  10. I like the party themes, they sound fun! 🙂 Looks like you had a good Christmas and break.

    Love the fact you had the party at your mums too – good choice! Less for you to clean up.

    I love January, its my birthday tomorrow so I make the most of prolonging the happiness as much as I can. It is an extension of December for us…
    Sonia Constant recently posted…Downton Abbey: the first episodesMy Profile

  11. This sounds a lot like my holiday as well–especially the part when you felt like you were watching The Lord of the Rings all day, and the uncertainty of what day it was. Those are the best kinds of days, when you’re so relaxed and content, that the days just blur together, with no set beginning or end. I love those days, and I’m glad you did too.
    Maria recently posted…The One that Looks Back & Looks AheadMy Profile

  12. I love the first photo! I am great at planning themes too and never have time to sort anything. As you know, we have ridiculous birthdays in December and it is exhausting and I didn’t even manage to make a cake this year for A as my husband was ill. It sounds as though you had a good time although like you I am now looking forward to longer days and hopefully some sunshine.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…The First Britmums Carnival of 2015My Profile

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