Things Little Z Says – The Campervan edition

Its been far too long since I’ve done one of these. The long winter days plus the big Christmas break has meant we have been treated to some extra long conversations and wisdom from our now 4 year old. Its been mostly very funny and we usually still fail very miserably at trying to be subtle at laughing very discreetly. We have never used cushions as much as we do these days to hide behind. So here are some of them that I’ve plucked out of the fog that was the Christmas and New Year period….

On sitting in my courtesy car (A somewhat slow Honda Jazz)…
Little Z: Mummy I like your campervan!
Me: Thank you little Z
Little Z: I don’t like your Golf. Can we keep the campervan?
Me: Umm. Maybe.

On realising the Honda Jazz takes a bit of time to get going…

Little Z: Mummy is the campervan slow?
Me: Yes very very slow. Shall we keep the Golf now?
Little Z: No I like the campervan.

On doing the need-to-wee-right-now dance whilst holding his crotch
Hubby: We need to get him out of this constant crotch holding dance
Little Z: Crotch! Crotch! Crotch! Crotch!…. (repeat ad infinitum)

At the petrol station:
Little Z: I need to get Naani a present.
Me: What shall we get?
Little Z: Apple Fruit! (Starburst)
Later to Naani: Naani – I brought you a present. Can I have some?

When “Why” can’t be left out of a conversation:

Little Z: Can I watch CBeebies?
Me: Yep ok!
Little Z: Why?
Me: Huh? Why what?
Little Z: Why I watch CBeebies?
Me: Beeeecause you want to?
Little Z: Ok!

On visiting the new very nice dessert place near us…
Little Z to his uncle: “Shall we go to the Chick stop?”
Uncle looking a bit alarmed: “Where?!”
Me: “Choc stop!”
Uncle “OH! Yes ummm…yes!”

When trying to get quotes on holidays from the Travel Agent:
Little Z trying to talk to Travel Agent: Can I sit on a plane? Mummy tell him can I sit on a plane?
Me: Shhhhhhhhh!!
Little Z: Tell him, can I sit on a plane? Can I sit on a plane, a plane??
Travel Agent: Do you want to call me back?
Me: Yes.

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  1. This post made me laugh lol. Z reminds me of my great niece she comes out with stuff like this lol. She calls me aunty jewellery lol my niece told “no it’s aunty Jill” so she looked and went ” that’s what I said aunty jewellery ” so that’s who I am lol
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  2. Oh I love the amazing and funny things the kids say. Buba is coming out with some great ones lately. I can’t wait to hear MM join in soon. This is adorable. Keep campervan! lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry if you had any trouble commenting on my site today as the host is being transferred there are a few glitches to fix. Apologies. #sharewithme
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