What time is it? Time According to a 4 year old

We have all been partying with viral bugs in our house for the past few days and there has been couch time and movies aplenty. There’s been not so much eating properly and even less looking presentable. It looks like we may have turned a corner today for the better but time will tell. As luck would have it, Little Z’s clock toy arrived perfectly for the bug filled weekend.

For some time now Little Z has been interested in time and loves putting his little Minion and Mickey Mouse watch next to Daddies at night before bed. He will also tell us the time whether or not we ask. It is regularly “50 o’clock” and “Half past 14”. He also has the ability to tell time just by glancing at his bare wrist with no clocks in his little vicinity.

We spent the weekend learning about the big hand and the little hand. And its been an “O’clock!” for most of the weekend. There’s still been the odd few 50 o’clocks and I think that will remain the best time ever but at least we’ve now learnt that other times are also available.

I now get asked approximately 30 times a day about what time it is. And there is a fair bit of wondrous confusion about the concept of time, questions I didn’t anticipate that I should have, such as:

“What time is it Mummy?”
“Its 10 o’clock”
“But you said it was 9 o’clock before!!”
“Umm, Well, Time keeps moving on”
“Where does it go?”
“It …err…finishes and another time comes”
“Why does it finish?”Its still 9 o’clock!”
“Umm…Yes…its 9 o’clock”

Bit Later “What time is it mummy?”
“It’s 11 o’clock”
“You said it was 10 o’clock”

You get the picture…

So as we open a can of worms we may allow it to be any time he wants for a while. Whilst we figure out where time does actually go!


12 thoughts on “What time is it? Time According to a 4 year old”

  1. Oh no I’m sorry to hear that you have been poorly. We have had a virus here too and it has been horrible but nice to have bit of sofa time. Time is a very interesting thing for small people. A went through this phase too and she still often asks what the time is even though she doesn’t really have a clue what it is all about.
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  2. Time is very difficult for them to understand. My sister in law is a reception teacher and she said that is one of the most important things a parent can teach a child: an awareness of time. They do gradually get the hang of it, but it is a hard slog.
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  3. My five year old is driving me crazy in a similar way . I can’t wai until her birthday just so she will quit asking how long it is until her birthday! #sharewithme

  4. That clock looks ace. I will have to get Buba one. He is always asking questions like these and I am stumped how to explain them to him half the time. Glad I am not alone. lol Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme
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