Dearest Little Z – 4 years and 2 months

Hello Little Z!

Well, at 4 years and 2 months we are well into the “Fours” now and with it has brought a million and one ponderings and questions about the world around you. For some reason you have become obsessed with how things work and you have worked out that batteries are pivotal to a lot of things in your life, given that they go into the majority of your toys. One of your favourite adverts in the energiser bunny advert. Or in your words “when your batteries die, you have to use wabbit batteries”. I may be guilty of making you say the word “wabbit” more than a few times.

You’ve also started wondering how it is you came about. We’ve had the big deep conversation at the grand old age of 4 and it wasn’t really all that bad if I do say so myself. You pretty much figured most of it out and I am pleased to say the whole matter has been put to bed already. The conversation went something like this…

Little Z: “Mummy where did you get me from? Did you get me from the shops?”
Me: “Umm…yes …we did!”
Little Z: “Do I need one or two batteries?”
Me: “Just the one”
Little Z: “Do you change them carefully?”
Me: “Yes you can’t even tell!”

I’m hoping that’s that for a good 10-15 years. Obviously I should be so lucky. In the meantime you continue to impart your wisdom upon us about all sorts of things you are learning ad picking up from pre-school. This year is going to be so different with the ending of pre-school and the start of “proper” school it feels like its all flying by way too quickly already. We need a pause button and some good weather and I think I would hit it for a few days. It is very funny watching you imitate life around you though and very entertaining most of the time. There is a programme I missed about the secret life of a four year old. I think I need to sit down and watch it!

I wrote about you reaching the Fabulous Fours the other day and its all very true but I think the tantrums are still in there somewhere. Much much less thankfully but I think you’re dished out a huge helping of emotions at this age which kids must find hard to process. Kind of like you in the stage of transitioning between a very young pre-schooler and a young child. Luckily for us, distraction works well with you. Unlucky for us, you remember every single bribe we come out with and will whisk it out even a week later. You somehow think a sock fairy comes to take your socks off each night as you absolutely refuse to let anyone touch them whilst you’re awake yet keep waking up without them on. Your Daddy was very convincing about the role of the sock fairy and you’ve deciphered that this particular fairy must operate in the same way as the tooth fairy does. You keep asking why she’s not left you a coin. I’ve let Daddy deal with that particular question.

Over this weekend you presented me with the loveliest valentines day card you made at nursery. It had a heart on it painted on with handprints and the nicest message inside. Then on the Saturday you took a trip to the florist and asked the lady behind the counter for a “flower for my mummy”. I think she thought it must have been very cute and you managed to get some free sweeties out of her. It was all very lovely considering we don’t really celebrate valentines day. You spent the entire weekend telling me to smell it. Roses smell a bit weird I have to say.

So, until next time. Mmmwah!!


11 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z – 4 years and 2 months”

  1. Ha ha I love the bit about the batteries, he is certainly going to keep you on your toes over the next few years. I love the Valentine message, that is so sweet and I know exactly what you mean about the pause button! I love your new header too, really cool.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Living Arrows Week SevenMy Profile

  2. My daughter has just turned four, such an inquisitive age and one where they find their feet in the world, being cheeky and throwing tantrums for no obvious reason. She sounds like a proper cutie though, how they always manage to get free stuff is beyond me. #magicmoments
    The Mummy Diary recently posted…Making TimeMy Profile

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