Ordinary Moments – “Hold my hand!”

We’ve been in London the past few days, one of my most favourite places on earth. We used to visit every few months but that’s changed since Little Z arrived and this is only his second ever trip to the big smoke.

It’s fair to say he’s absolutely loved it and we have a very large number of smiley photos capturing all out visits and family moments. I’m trigger happy but my hubby is like a paparazzo most occasions so captures a lot of nice moments. Like this one…


He’s a bit crazy about snapseed and photo editing apps so everything is edited and highlighted and contested and warmed up a bit. I’m more of a lazy shoot and upload kind of girl.

Being a paparazzo he also captures a lot of the behind the scene moments, like this one, caught about a minute before the one above.

“Hold my hand Z!”
“I don’t want to!!!”
“You have to. It’s dangerous. The road is there.”
“I want to runnn!”

About a year ago I would have turned a deep red, embarrassed at having to deal with a mini tantrum in public. I now don’t really care and have the “kids will be kids” attitude. I was about to start dishing out iPad/ Cbeebies removal threats when the hubby spotted we were in the ideal location for a snap.

Hubby: “Ok stop fighting. Say cheese both of you!”
Little Z: “Cheese Daddy!” (With a picture perfect smile).
Me: Huh.


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23 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments – “Hold my hand!””

  1. Aagh! He’s obviously a seasoned pro at having his photo taken! Being in London with kids terrifies me – they would get lost in seconds. Last time we went was for the Tower poppies and both the younger two held my hand.y son did it voluntarily and he NEVER holds my hands!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Surviving half-termMy Profile

  2. Hello! I hope you had a nice half term. I haven’t blogged for ages as I’m totally going hell for leather on the novel at the moment and I’ve just finished a six week self-editing course. Anyway – I love the new blog design – it looks fab. Little A can also be very stubborn when she refuses to hold my hand – I have to grab on tight! X
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…Wobbly BoeufMy Profile

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