When the bright green frog came to live with us

The last few weeks have been slightly traumatic in the Little Z household. What used to be a fun bath time suddenly turned into “I don’t like baths, I don’t need baths, I hate baths” time. Constantly. Day after day. Week after week. It got to the stage where I was seriously tempted to knock on the neighbours door to explain that there were no murders going on. It was just bath time. It then got to a stage where I started skipping bath time. Just to avoid blue murder screaming. It then got to a stage when I was convinced the Other Half would have to forever more climb into the bath with a Little Z clinging to him like a terrified koala bear. We knew it was a phase but it was getting absolutely exhausting.

Then last weekend we found ourselves at Hamleys, stood in front of all their aquatic toys. The Other Half suddenly found a bright green frog. Swimming about on his own in a tank, whizzing around from one end to another. He explained to Little Z that this bright green frog had had a word and asked if he could come and live with us, at our house. Little Z thought about it for a millisecond and his eyes lit up. “Our house?”

It seemed this little bright green frog didn’t like the bath either. And he wondered if Little Z would show help him. Little Z frowned a bit at the thought of the bath but he was persuaded the bright green frog really really wanted to come with us and he loved that idea. A frog swimming away in the bath sounded like fun! Apparently, the very cool fishing rod, complete with reel and magnetic fish that I quite liked didn’t take his fancy that much. Sadly.

So we made our way to the till to ask the man if we could take the bright green frog home. The man behind the counter agreed and asked us if we would like a bag for life. Little Z didn’t need a bag for life. He was going to carry that bright green frog all the way home (and I was going to keep an eye on it each 2 minutes he would get distracted by something else!).

That evening Little Z carefully placed the bright green frog in the bath tub and we all agreed he looked very very happy. Of course he needed Little Z to show him how to use the soap properly. And for the first time in weeks there was no screaming as we didn’t want to scare our new visitor. There was scrubbing, and soaping, and even scrubbing behind ears. Then the whole process was repeated, gently, on the bright green frog and we agreed we should ring the frogs mummy to tell her how good the bright green frog had been and how he’d like to stay with us a while longer if that was ok.

So far, I think he quite likes it here.


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  1. Gentle persuasion is a must with young children, I still try that kind of thing with my teenagers but they got wise to it!

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