The First Trimester. Second Time Around

I’ve sometimes wondered why I can’t really remember the first few weeks of my first pregnancy and it took till the first few weeks of THIS pregnancy to realise why. It’s because I was a pregnant zombie sleeping my way through the weeks, completely exhausted whilst trying to appear all normal hiding any signs that I may be pregnant. Couple that with needing to stuff my face every 5 minutes and that pretty much formed the first trimester both times. I have noticed some pretty big differences this time round too though. Ones that are very assuring when you’re doubting whether you’re actually pregnant but ones that can be “challenging”. For instance..

Morning sickness
I was extremely lucky with Little Z. I had one single day of nausea and that was it. Wow, I don’t think I knew I was born back then. Or pregnant. Or whatever. This time round I’ve spent about 10 weeks so far either throwing up or being nauseous all the live long day. And night! At 2am. Why the heck is it even called morning sickness? My breakfast of choice for weeks has been a banana and a a can of Canada Dry. The combination is amazing and staves off nausea for most of the morning. At least I have the pleasure of little Z giving me huge amounts of sympathy about two inches from my face whilst I go through my morning throwing up ritual. Sometimes it comes with encouraging sounds effects too. Each day though he always very sweetly asks without fail if I’ve “finished doing bleurgh”.

Having a belly-height child
Little Z is now belly height and his method of transport is usually to run as fast as he can and slam hug straight into me. This is always lovely but I’m trialling out a sideways block these days. And contemplating buying a Michelin man style protective suit. Failing that I need to stop him running so fast. So the Michelin man style protective suit it is.

Not bawling on management
Thankfully I haven’t bawled on any member of management at work this time. It was definitely in the first trimester, around the 10 or 11 week mark, last time that I sobbed to my boss about how tired I was, how I didn’t think I would cope and how I thought I should be demoted. Luckily at least one of us was sane and he calmed the bag of emotions down and everything was fine again within an hour. I’m quite proud of not bawling on my current boss this time round. So far. I may have bawled on the husband about being SO hungry but that’s completely allowed, right?

Not loving lamb chops
I acquired a pretty strong addiction to lamb chops in the first trimester of my last pregnancy. I would hunt them down wherever I went and devour them in bulk at lightning speed. Barbecued with a film of charcoal were the best types. Along with fat. I could not get enough of FAT! Eww. This time round I’ve gone off chops completely. And fat. Thankfully. This time round any hint of fat makes me wretch full force. Not so long ago I looked at the hubby in complete horror as I could suddenly taste fat from a bite I’d taken of some lamb in a restaurant and suddenly felt very very sick. I knew my choices were to throw up, spit it out or run to the bathroom like a mad woman. I won’t say which one I did. But the husband nearly fell off his chair laughing afterwards.

Doing a regular bump check
I’ve noticed that things are happening a lot sooner this time. Achey bones, little niggles and especially the bump making itself visible. It made me wonder at first if I was having a large baby but it turns out it seems to be a normal second pregnancy related thing. It doesn’t stop me from asking the hubby if my bump is looking big. Turns out Little Z has offered to take on that role. The very first time he heard me ask about the bump he helpfully ran to examine my backside and then confirmed “No Mummy, your bum doesn’t look big”.
Always good to know I suppose!

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42 thoughts on “The First Trimester. Second Time Around”

  1. Awww little Z asking if you’ve stopped being sick and telling you your bum doesn’t look big….I love him!!!!!!

    It’s funny how little things are so different! The lamb thing is funny! I totally went off diet coke (which I love!!!) when pregnant with Arthur and this time luckily it’s still on the menu for me!

    I think any of those options in a restaurant sound pretty funny you poor thing!!!!
    Seychellesmama recently posted…Waaaa, twooo, weeee {The Ordinary Moments 15} #9My Profile

  2. Love this post, although very sorry to hear about all the vomiting ๐Ÿ™ I was lucky that I was never sick in any of my pregnancies. I did feel nauseous, but never actually threw up. Had to laugh at Z asking if you’d finished doing ‘bleurgh’!
    Here’s hoping you start feeling better soon (and well done for not crying on your boss!).
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…School rugby tournament 2015My Profile

  3. This post did make me chuckle, there’s always so many similarities between pregnancies but some very big differences too. Little Z is too cute asking if you’ve finished being sick and telling you your bum doesn’t look big, sounds like the perfect little man! Popping in from Magic Moments.
    Coombe Mill recently posted…All change in HeliganMy Profile

  4. Ha ha live this post, am totally imagining little Z talking to you while your throwing up! Fun! Morning sickness is the pits isn’t it? And should definitely he called all-day sickness! Oh the tiredness too… Especially when you have a little one to look after! Hugs and hope the 2nd trimester improves things!! Xx thanks for linkin #MaternityMondays
    Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) recently posted…#MaternityMondays week 13My Profile

  5. Haha this is brilliant and so true. Even though I’m veggie I cook meat for the fam and with my first pregnancy, I couldn’t stand the smell of lamb. It totally knocked me sick which was difficult being a farmer’s wife ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wasn’t so bad this time. Maybe its a girl.
    Thanks for linking up #MaternityMondays
    farmerswifeandmummy recently posted…#MaternityMondays Week 13My Profile

  6. Oh hon you’ve brought so many memories flooding back! I’m glad you’re starting to feel more human. It’s crazy how much faster everything happens second, third time around!

  7. Ooo, this is bringing memories flooding back. I had horrendous morning sickness second time around. The only thing that settled my stomach was to constantly eat. I basically grazed all day for the first 12 weeks. It’s so lovely to read about how you are though after following your IVF posts. It’s like we’re on the journey with you and I couldn’t be more happy for you.
    Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely recently posted…Lovely lighting featuring BHSMy Profile

  8. Ah, sorry you’ve been feeling so rubbish. I was lucky with the boys, felt a little nauseas every so often, but with the wee girl I felt sick for 16 weeks! It was like having the longest hangover ever. Thankfully I never actually threw up, but oh I was so close, all the time! And, everything does happen faster doesn’t it, couldn’t believe how quickly I showed the second (and third) time ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you feel much better soon xx
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Childhood: language: bless you!My Profile

  9. It’s amazing how different it is second time around. I had morning sickness in my pregnancy which ended around week 15 and it was always at lunch time…… I think it must hit you when you get a peak in the hormones. And I really feel for you regarding the tiredness – it simply hits you like a tonne of bricks. Hopefully it won’t be too long until you hit the second trimester. And Huzzah for Little Z’s support LOL. X
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…All WomanMy Profile

  10. Yuck. I was also horribly poorly with the ‘all day/night’ sickness for weeks and weeks. My go to survival food was basically anything bland and cheese based. And ginger tea and saltines. It was over a year ago now and the thought of those crackers still turns my stomach!

    Mama, My Kid Doesn’t Poop Rainbows recently posted…10 Ways in Which Having a Baby is Like Being โ€˜Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtโ€™My Profile

  11. I love him checking out your bum for you. I do agree that the 2nd time around is a lot hard. Everything just seems to happen sooner and having a future “big sister/brother” is more tiring. It is hard to balance wanting things not to change for your son but also needing to be more careful or not being able to move as well. Getting down to the floor in the 3rd trimester and getting back up is super fun! Just enjoy the journey because it is a special time and a miracle.
    Christina @ Ladybug Home & Design recently posted…Adventures in Blogging 2015 12/52My Profile

  12. Aww love, I know how you feel! The first trimester second time is so much worse. I had the sickness for longer this time and almost asked my other half to put me down because it seemed a great option at the time! Impressively, I’ve only managed one meltdown during this pregnancy – over potatoes! Hopefully you can slow belly height child down – I’ve got one whose head comes up to just under my belly but if he ran at me I kind of have to bend down and turn to the side to soften the blow haha.

    Wait until you’re in the 3rd trimester.. that’s pretty fun! #maternitymondays x
    Jade (Raising the Rings) recently posted…Izabela Peters – Children’s apron | Review & Giveaway!My Profile

  13. Congratulations! This post made me giggle. You don’t realise how easy you have it the first time do you? But on the plus side it’s all the more amazing because you know what is happening inside your body rather than you can imagine what is happening iyswim? #sharewithme

  14. Oh poor you with the sickness! I had to chuckle at little Z being two inches from your face as you were being poorly – bless him! Oh, and your telling your boss you should be demoted! Ha ha, classic hormones talking! Hope you feel better soon hon. xx #sharewithme
    Jess Paterson recently posted…The Lego Easter StoryMy Profile

  15. Oh no so sorry to hear you are so sick. Love the cravings enjoy them maybe not lamb chops though. I miss eating whatever I wanted and when I was craving something to just have it when I was pregnant. I had way more cravings with Buba than I had with MM. It’s funny how different two pregnancies can be isn’t it. Lovely post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Easter! #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…At the park with GrandmaMy Profile

  16. Every pregnancy is different…I had horrible morning sickness with my second pregnancy, but not my first. My little guy would stand beside me while i was sick and pat my back, it was both sweet and heartbreaking. Between my second and third pregnancies was 17 years and these 2 were VERY different, mostly because i was older i think.

    I could totally sympathsize with you about the restaurant.

    Thanks for sharing.
    laura wolf recently posted…DragonsMy Profile

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