Cravings Glorious Cravings

I knew it would happen from the first time I was pregnant. I have become completely addicted to ALL sorts of food and am currently swinging from one food craving to another. There doesn’t seem to be any logic to it really and the theory of “cravings are your way of your body telling you what you need” don’t really seem to ring true to me. After all, I’m pretty sure my body is not actually NEEDING Pot Noodle. Curry flavour ones. Very very nice Pot Noodle. With the mango chutney. Hmmm. It is possible my body is craving omega 3 fish source though and a love of sardines has been born. I may as well go have tea with my very elderly 80 something neighbours. Sardines on toast is something that is highly underrated and so delicious.

Last time the cravings seemed to be all about the meat, red meat to be precise. I also vaguely recall finishing an entire spit of Donner meat. Umm, eww. This time there is no pattern to anything but I am fairly confident I could take on the guy in Man Vs. Food and get my picture on various walls through the USA. Imagine that? I reckon they probably don’t allow pregnant women to enter. Thinking about it, I’ve never seen one in the audience declaring she’d previously smashed it!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had one very sympathetic probably doing anything for a bit of peace husband drive me about from destination to destination as I attempt to eat my way through the North West of the UK.

I do realise I probably need to reign the mad cravings missions in a tiny bit. Particularly my frequent visits to Subway at 8am. At first I was a bit paranoid they would look at me like some kind of lunatic. But to my relief there is another guy who visits at exactly the same time. I’m pretty sure he’s not pregnant so I can only deduce he has a subway addiction he needs to be treated for. The order is the same for him every single day; 6 inch chicken teriyaki with all the salad and no sauce. I preferred to make my way through the menu for about two weeks before settling on the veggie patty with all the salad and wonderful jalapenos and sweet chilli sauce. Heaven. Gone by about 11am.

So to give you a flavour of my cravings, glorious cravings, here are some pictures of some of my favourites over the last month. Everything from salty tomatoes to red onions, to lamb biryani, to sour sweets, to coconut biscuits, to grilled smokey sardines, to chocolate rabbits, to ice cold ice pops, to amazing thai mango salad.
If it helps, you should imagine the food advert styling that Marks and Spencers use for all their adverts. Which, by the by, wow…


chocolate rabbit


ice lollies


You’ll have to just imagine this is curry flavour. I’ve run out of them…
pot noodle

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27 thoughts on “Cravings Glorious Cravings”

  1. This made me laugh and you’ve made your photos so beautiful! It must be hard work chasing around after do many cravings. I never really had them, apart from liking cheese even more than I usually do. I also went off chocolate and Diet Cokes in two of my pregnancies, but couldn’t get enough of them in one of my pregnancies!
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  2. Oh my goodness, you really have got some interesting cravings haven’t you?? I do believe that you do crave these things for a reason and any way it is a great reason to just pig out with out worrying. I craved crispy duck with Ryan and ate so much of it, the local Chinese started giving us a discount. With L it was those ready made pancakes, I loved them. With A I just ate everything and a lot of it. The only problem with that is that I am still trying to lose the ‘baby weight’ five years later.
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  3. The Mother says – This has made me smile, especially about the Pot Noodle. I was the total opposite when I was pregnant. I had chronic sickness throughout and was actually thinner 2 days after giving birth than I was before I fell pregnant (that didn’t last long). I used to visit my local supermarket every day after work looking for inspiration for my supper and I got to know everyone who worked there as I literally used to wander around there for 30 minutes trying to find something I fancied eating…………. Really enjoyed reading this x #sharewithme
    kidGLloves recently posted…My Captured Moment #15My Profile

  4. Brilliant! I was the same with cravings both times when I was pregnant. The first time I couldn’t go a day without having cookie dough ice cream or crumpets, a whole pack all at once. Last time was more practical, I would day dream about steak and wanted anything meaty! Enjoy your cravings, unless you start to crave plaster board and then you should reign it in 🙂

  5. Lol, that is quite a list of cravings! I craved desserts when I was pregnant with my eldest – ice-cream, cake, chocolate – anything sweet. If we went out, I wanted everything on the pudding menu (and I normally don’t have a sweet tooth at all!). Second time round I craved pork pies. I quite like the sound of developing a craving for Lindt bunnies though!
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  6. Pot noodles that did make me lol. It is funny what we crave when we’re pregnant. Both pregnancies I drank tea by the bucketload – I usually only have one cup a day. With my son it was watermelon and my daugter apples – even at midnight once! 😉
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