Dearest Little Z – Aged 4 years and 3 months

Hello Little Z,

This update is ultra ultra late on account of the fact that I’ve been mostly dozing off for a few weeks BUT you are now 4 years and 3 months! You keep asking why I’m sleeping AGAIN but you’ve been very nice about checking up on me very very regularly to see how I’m doing. Some days you check on me every 10 to 15 minutes.

We asked you this month if a new baby can come and stay forever and you thought about it long and hard and after a 2 second pause looked a bit suspicious and checked if it would be a boy baby. We’ve said its whatever the shop will give us so it could be a girl. You instantly have a solution to this problem and think we should get two. Just in case. I think you will love it either way. Err. Hopefully! You did strangely put your ear very randomly to my belly once and told me you thought there was a frog inside. So we won’t be doing that too regularly. You’ve since forgotten it all but do occasionally ask when the shop is going to give us the baby.

You continue to make us laugh with all you say and pretty much have an answer to everything. It’s hard to pull the wool over your eyes these days. Like the time when I tried to con you in your shop…

Welcome to my shop 2

Its been a hard week because you keep bawling to go to preschool which is closed for the Easter holidays. It makes a complete change from last year when you used to bawl to not go. I think you’re really going to miss it once the summer holidays roll around and, if I’m honest, I think I’m going to miss it too. We find out in a couple of weeks what school you’ll go to and I really hope its the first choice. I’m very much in denial about you starting properly in September but I think I’ll carry on as is until the summer comes round and I have to finally buy a uniform for you.

Your imagination is pretty wild right now and I am forever correcting people about the stories you’re telling them. They thankfully didn’t believe you have any children but the preschool did need correcting about the number of siblings you have, a brother and sister, apparently both named Stevie. You do chop and change how big your family is so we have to try to generally keep up a lot.

My kids 3

Weirdly your preschool decided they weren’t going to do World book day this year. Not that I’m complaining , I was really relieved that I wouldn’t have to conjure up a costume. That is until they announced they’d have a fancy dress up day a couple of weeks later and the theme would be animals. After a bit of thought I had a very lazy brainwave and we sent you as Paddington bear seeing as you had the duffel coat already. You absolutely loved the hat and lunch box we got you, until the morning of the fancy dress day. Then you insisted you wanted to go as the Incredible Hulk instead and it took me ages to convince you that the Hulk is not an animal, no matter how much you’d understandably think he was. You did eventually go off inside sulking slightly but instantly cheered up with all the compliments from the keyworkers. I’m determined you’re going to use that lunchbox at school now.

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19 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z – Aged 4 years and 3 months”

  1. Aww bless!! Kitty used to tell her preschool that the bump that became Pip was a girl called Pinky, they used to keep checking with me at pick up whether we knew what we were having!!

  2. Love this – especially his imaginary brother and sister, Stevie!
    I’m sure he’ll love his new real brother or sister (whether or not they’re called Stevie!). I’m pleased to say that after only two weeks when we suggested leaving her brother at Grandma’s house, my niece shouted ‘no’ and marched straight back into the house to grab his car seat to take him home with her 🙂
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Third placeMy Profile

  3. The imaginary siblings made me smile, I do love their imaginations but I have to say that our lot have got us in to trouble at nursery a few times too… Not least when one of the boys informed them we were leaving (we weren’t) and that they’d be moving nursery (they weren’t)… Nursery were a little upset that we hadn’t told them?! #sharewithme
    Sara (@mumturnedmom) recently posted…Childhood: first examsMy Profile

  4. Such a sweet post (Congratulations by the way, fantastic news!)… My two being slightly older have accepted the news and don’t seem to mind whether we have a girl or a boy. My daughter said as she was only 2 when her brother was born at least she would get a chance to train the baby to her liking this time around! 😀

  5. This is such a lovely letter. It’s lovely when they change from getting upset about going to pre-school to getting upset about missing it. It took Harry so long to settle that we were somewhat relieved when he started to look forward to it. I’d quite like to see you give birth to a frog. 😉
    rachelreallife recently posted…Speech Therapy – Loud ‘n’ ProudMy Profile

  6. Oh this has me chuckle, how cute is he?? So sweet that he is checking up on me. Not so sweet that he thinks you’re having a frog ha ha. Thanks so much for linking to #CountLuckyStars xxx
    Potty Mouthed Mummy recently posted…Count Your Lucky Stars | AprilMy Profile

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