Dearest Little Z – Schools, Babies and Red Trainers

Hello Little Z,

We found out what school you’re getting into shortly after midnight a couple of weeks ago and your Daddy and I were very surprised but relieved you got into your first choice of primary school. It’s a tiny school which can’t have a massive intake but lucky for us they gave you a place and it was a very good feeling. Till the next morning that is when someone put a lot of doubts in a my mind for a bit and I had a bit of a wobbler about whether I’d done the right thing. Your blunt Daddy snapped me straight out of it with some choice words about the wobbler instigator and I relaxed and was relieved at the school choice all over again. I can’t believe we have about four months to go and things will change a lot all over again. Your best friend is going to a different school and that worries me a bit. I know you’ll make new friends and we’ve already broken the news to you that you won’t be together. You don’t look too pleased at that but hopefully that means you’ll be used to it by the time September comes round. You are enjoying the sun and football a lot in the meantime so we’ll just pretend school is far far away.


Your nursery manager asked me if I was pregnant last week as the bump has suddenly doubled in size and there’s no hiding it anymore. When I told her I was she burst into tears and then I embarrassingly followed suit and burst into tears too. You stood there watching the both of us confused about why these ladies in your life were so teary. She quizzed me further about whether it was planned and I explained the situation and we both ended up in tears again. I never cry in public so I couldn’t stop cringing afterwards. I blame the hormones. Its not my fault.

You continue to randomly ask us when we’re getting the baby from the shop and we keep telling you its still not quite ready. You do try to jump on me so much that, one time, I entered into the “the baby is growing in my tummy” territory. You looked absolutely horrified and speechless as if such a concept could just not be possible. We’ve quickly gone back to the shop scenario. Our next scan is so early in the morning that we will have to take you and I think your face is going to be quite the picture. Hopefully you won’t look as horrified as you did the first time.

We are away soon on holiday and we can not wait! It’ll probably be our last holiday as a family of three but it will be so nice to just lounge about and relax for a good couple of weeks. I’m not really looking forward tot he long flight very much but I’m hoping a plethora of pillows will keep me nicely cushioned and comfortable. You and Daddy went and bought some very very bright red trainers and you insist on wearing them everywhere. They are blindingly bright and I think they’re about one shade away from being UV glow in the dark. They’re not quite what I would have picked but you love them so we’ll just have to not look directly at them for a while till our eyes become accustomed to them.


You also have a “Hulk bear” that is your current favourite. You love the Avengers right now and although I love making you say “Captain Amewica” about 200 times a day, your favourite is Hulk. You’ve never seen any of the movies, on account of them not being suitable for little kiddies but you have seen the lego version of it and I think, one day you’ll love all the films. For now though you’re liking making Hulk bear go for walks and cross the road safely.


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22 thoughts on “Dearest Little Z – Schools, Babies and Red Trainers”

  1. aww z is so cute I love to hear all about him and seeing him growing up. I love his red trainers lol I also wanted a pair of red shoes when I was little as well lol. Have a lovely week x
    jollyjillys recently posted…Best FriendsMy Profile

  2. Love the red trainers thing. So funny. Thankfully I’m the one who does all the shopping here so at the moment, I’m in control!

    I do find it odd when people ask if babies are planned. It’s not like you’re a teenage mum although just why anyone thinks it’s their business to know is beyond me.

    So funny about the pregnancy and shop. The OH always tells n that he came from Tesco, but he does know that babies are in mummies’ tummies. Thankfully he’s not asked how they get there, just how they come out. His key workers at both nurseries are pregnant, so at least they can get most of the questions!

    N’s best friends aren’t going to the same school either. Thankfully he’ll have 2 cousins at the school, so he’s more excited about that and hasn’t asked where his friends are going.
    Emma T recently posted…Living Arrows 2015: learning to ride a bikeMy Profile

  3. Gorgeous post! That’s so sweet about the nursery manager crying! I can just picture the two of you there in floods! I must admit I well up a bit every time I read about your pregnancy!
    It’s hard when they go to a different school to their best friends. It happened to both my younger two. We kept seeing the friends for the first year or so, but it was clear the friendships were fizzling out. My daughter still bumps into her friends (boy/ girl twins) from time to time and they get on fine, but my son refused to speak to his (a girl) from about year 2!
    I LOVE those trainers!
    Hope you all have a fantastic holiday and the flights are OK for you. x
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…The cheese issueMy Profile

  4. I love the sound of your Nursery teacher, she sounds so in tune with you and Little Z . the trainers are great, would you believe it is not being there to buy trainers or shoes for my children that made me stop working and for us to take on Coombe Mill 13 years ago. #MagicMoments
    Coombemill recently posted…Walk on the wild sideMy Profile

  5. Red is my favourite colour, so I’m loving those trainers. I too was an emotional wreck at my daughter’s nursery when I revealed the pregnancy with my son-defintiely hormones!! And we’ll be facing the start of school for our boys at the same time-doesnt feel quite real does it?
    Iona@redpeffer recently posted…Moon PhotographyMy Profile

  6. Oh I love that you both started crying when you shared the new, I can just imagine Z looking very confused, amazing that he still thinks the baby is coming from the shop. I bet you can’t wait to get away, will be a lovely chance to relax just the three of you and you can put your feet up hopefully! So glad he got his first choice school, it’s so easy to start doubting yourself, it is such a big decision but I’m sure you husband is right!
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…The Funny Things You Both Do {16 Months}My Profile

  7. What a lovely letter. So lovely that he got into your first choice school. I went to a tiny village school and loved it and would love M to too. Unfortunately all the primary schools round us a really big :-/

    Those trainers are lovely and red..!! πŸ™‚

    Sophie @ Mum, M & More recently posted…My Sunday Photo 7/6/15My Profile

  8. Such a lovely letter to let your little one know about all the major things happening at this point in his life. #letterstomychildren

  9. I’m very glad that you’ve gained confidence in your decision on schooling. I can’t imagine it was an easy thing to manage. Congratulations on your upcoming new addition to the family! That is wonderful news, and I hope you have a smooth and healthy pregnancy. I must agree, the shoes are alarmingly red. I hope you and your family continue in happiness and healthiness!
    Justin Wallace recently posted…Body Talk You Can Use: Going GreenMy Profile

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