Pregnancy Diary – Week 16 and 17. The rage and the reigning it in a bit!

Pregnancy week 17

I knew the hormones would hit sooner or later. Last time they came in the form of lots of sobbing. Anything and everything would set me off. Having a nice clean house, seeing a crappy bit actor vampire get killed on the The Vampire Diairies, and one time I even cried after realising I made it a week without crying! Pesky hormones.

This time I smugly thought I may have escaped all the weeping. But then I realised they came in the form of full blown earth moving pregnancy RAGE!! My fishwife nagginess reached all new levels over the last fortnight. So much so that I’m pretty sure that the neighbours impromptu visit to the South was not that impromptu. As Little Z has been dished his own batch of brand new whining hormones we are both having our emotions strummed a bit like Brian May’s guitar. Fast and with a lot of fury. The poor husband didn’t make eye contact with anyone for a while and I’m surprised he didn’t build himself a cushion fort for protection. He’s not the only poor soul that suffered. A friend happened to ask how I was feeling and I took that opportune moment to be extremely honest in a way that would probably make a tornado look pretty timid.

I’m pleased to say the pregnancy rage has now subsided and I hope it doesn’t come back. I may have to buy those Cyclops glasses if I do have any kind of relapse.

I’ve been referred for physio this week, hurrah!!! My bones still ache but I now have a humongous looking pelvic support belt. As I said to a friend this week, I used to think pregnant waddler ladies were trying to carry around a huge bump all day long, and maybe some of them are. But I’ve since found some pregnant waddlers are doing it because their bones ache when walking. At least, it feels like bones. I think I have about a tiny smidge of elegance left when I’m mobile. Then I am going to just embrace the waddling whole heartedly. And melt them with my cyclops melting rays if anyone displeases me with any funny comments.

I’ve also decided I need to reign the cravings in slightly. I’m still very much enjoying eating my way through every cuisine I can find and, wow, is it nice! One day last week I decided it was the turn of the keema naan. That amazing soft hot flat bread with a deep filling of spicy mince meat, cooked to perfection on a flat hot plate. Yummm. There is a teeny tiny shop about a half hour drive from me that sells the best ones I have ever tasted. Ever. So of course I had to drive there as soon as the thought of them ping’d into my head. Unfortunately I found the teeny tiny shop has closed down and no-one quite knows whether they have gone for good or simply moved somewhere else. So I went about using the powers of Google to find out where it may have been relocated to, since I knew it had moved once in its past already, so it was possible, right? About an hour later I was none the wiser about the keema naan shop. I DID, however, find every single detail about the owner of the shop, some of their flour delivery related incidents with the council, his home address, a picture of his house and his electoral information. Wow. Google is good. As are my stalker skills. The hubby eventually suggested I should probably give up that particular battle. Maybe I could go round to his house and simply ask? Ultra politely? If anyone *does* happen to make the best keema naans in the world then please post them to me. Thank you! Oh, and I get to have a baby scan next week. EEEK, so exciting!

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30 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary – Week 16 and 17. The rage and the reigning it in a bit!”

  1. Oh, I suffered from the temporary rage too. Mainly it was the country of Switzerland that felt my wrath and the fact they didn’t sell sour enough sweets or Cadbury’s cream eggs. I had to have both sent over on a regular basis until the doctor information that I was suffering from gestational diabetes and should curb the massive sugar consumption. Oops!
    Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely recently posted…Postcards from Tignes #markwarnermumMy Profile

  2. This post really made me smile.
    I must admit I had to laugh at your rage (please don’t be cross with me!), but glad to hear it’s subsiding.
    Glad you’ve had some help with your pain.
    It’s scary how much info you can find online – maybe you should just go round and ask if they could rustle a few up for you? Maybe you could put some in the freezer so you don’t have to bother them too often? 😉
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…I broke my daughterMy Profile

  3. Ha ha ha this is so funny (maybe bit for your neighbours).
    I had rage AND sobbing and threw a knife at my husband once.
    It’s the most irrational thing- you know you’re being neurotic but you can’t stop yourself. Yay for seeing your baby next week xx

  4. Pregnancy rage is a beautiful thing! I remember a man in the pub started groping my bump and I went absolutely bananas at him. It’s all entirely excusable, though – you are growing a human! #MaternityMatters
    Laura Wood recently posted…Beyond BeautyMy Profile

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