Pregnancy Update at 15 weeks


If I’m honest I always think I’m slightly behind my “official date” but this is the best date that the sonographer has confirmed so the baby is officially due end of September. SO here’s the pregnancy update for this week, at 15 weeks, the baby is the size of an avocado, although you wouldn’t think it to look at me. You’d think I was carrying a sackful of avocados.

At our first consultant appointment last week we found out a massive amount of information about Little Z’s birth. His birth was pretty awful and lasted 40 long hours followed by a crash section. We finally found out all the things that contributed to it and I think we were pretty speechless at a few points during it. Having said that its been a huge relief to find out what and why it all happened although I still don’t understand why its not normal process to go through this with the mother after the child is born. Anyway, as a result of everything that happened first time around I will be monitored very closely and given a whole lot of additional scans to monitor growth and progress of the baby. At 36 weeks they’ll also recommend the advised labour. Its very possible some of the same circumstances may repeat themselves meaning I need another section. For now though, I’m not going to think about it. A very calm elective section is very appealing though I have to admit.

Pelvic pain has come knocking very very early this time and its HORRID! Weirdly, it seems to have disappeared again over the last day and I’m really really hoping it doesn’t come back. I will be shaking my midwife next week though for assurances that physio is out there and available.

Cravings have also come knocking with a vengeance. I am pretty much making my way through all the naughty food in the North West and after almost 20 years have fallen back in love with curry flavour Pot Noodles. I am really trying to limit myself and have only had 3 this week. I balanced it out with some very fresh salad tomatoes though so that’s cancelled out. Right? I may also be in love with sardines right now. How amazing are they? I am contemplating having them with ketchup next week. With a tall glass of ice cold Vimto. Yum!


As I slowly and joyfully lose my sanity to food, Little Z is slightly confused with what people are asking him. As per our excellent factual parenting, we have told him we are getting another baby from the shops and it won’t be ready for now. He is looking forward to it and, as per every four year old, is forever occupied with something else more exciting so thankfully isn’t asking every 10 minutes for the status of it. He did get a bit confused last week when a good friend patted my stomach and asked Little Z what was inside. He frowned slightly a bit puzzled and then got bored and went off to play with his hula hoop. Phew!

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  1. We really are due around the same time! πŸ˜€ I have only had one major food craving this time around – raspberries in any form whatsoever!! Can recommend a book for Z that my daughter loved when I was expecting my son – a house inside my mummy! πŸ˜€

  2. Boo to the pelvic pain, I had it in my second and third pregnancies and it wasn’t pleasant. I had some useful physio second time, and they gave me some good exercises that I could do in bed so I used to spend a few mins first and last thing doing them… Might be worth a Google my dear. Have a fab weekend πŸ™‚
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  3. I feel like doing a happy dance every time I read about your pregnancy!
    It’s good that you finally know what went on with Z’s birth and will have some careful monitoring this time, but, as you say, it does seem strange not to get this information soon after the birth.
    Sardines sound pretty healthy, bit with Vimto?! Bleurgh! Btw have you ‘finished doing bleurgh now?’.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 365 2015 Week 15My Profile

  4. I’m a slave to my cravings at that moment! All I can think about right now is Avocado, especially after seeing the pic at the top of your post! I’m also wanting prawns and meringues. Not together! I really hope the pelvic pain does stay away, it’s no fun. It sounds like your consultant is really on the ball and it must have been useful to go back over your labour with Z.
    Pippa Ainsworth recently posted…Red Rose Baby 34 Weeks UpdateMy Profile

  5. I had an elective section with my son (2nd baby) and it was wonderful. No stressing, just in, drugs and baby out. My daughter was born by emergency section so I wasn’t prepared to take any chances second time around. By the way, I crave curry Pot Noodles and I’m not pregnant! x #MagicMoments

  6. Haha, love that you have told Z baby is coming from the shops! I never really had cravings so I would just go with it, my mum was obsessed with tinned mackerels in tomato sauce with me, I’m convinced that’s why I hate fish πŸ™‚ Good that you are being monitored and kept an eye on though and hopefully there will be a better birth experience this time round. I had elective c-section with the twins and it was very calm!
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  7. It’s all sounding good so far, I do hope the pain stays away too. The curry pot noodle did make me laugh, haven’t had one of those for years πŸ™‚ I had an elective c-section for my second and it was a totally different experience from my first-very calm and I loved being able to hold my son afterwards, I will always remember that feeling x
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  8. Pot noodles cravings made me laugh-well done you for eating fish, remember going off meat and fish in both pregnancies. Love that you told your son you’re getting a baby from the shop. I had an awful crash section with my first and a dream elective with my 2nd. I’ve blogged about having a happy section too if you are considering that so let me know and can email/tweet you the link x
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