It’s our wedding anniversary this weekend and it got me thinking about how our celebrations have changed so much over the years.    We spent pushing a trolley around IKEA and I really could not have been happier.   I’m pretty sure I have gone completely nuts in my quest to nest pre-baby and all I wanted was to buy a million different types of storage solutions.  To create space, space, lots and LOTS of SPACE.  After about three hours I happily walked out clutching boxes of all shapes and sizes, new dishes, new cutlery and other pretty things I absolutely needed.  As my friend put it quite succinctly, I’d been IKEA’d.   It’s probably why we only visit once every few years.

I think I am half ready for the baby to come now.  I need to now organise it all and deep clean the kitchen.  And buy a car seat.  And some cute baby stuff.  THEN the baby can come. 

Anniversaries in the past have been spent with surprise trips to the theatre, overnight stays in lovely hotels and city breaks with wonderful sights.  This year I have loved just sitting on the couch, all of us.  Me watching them eat cinnamon buns as I can’t have any.  Damn diabetes.  I’m not sure if this means I’m now old but I’d gladly put some slippers on too if it was cold enough. 

Who knew we’d be here a few years on, preparing for the arrival of another baby.  Or indeed being parents to a little boy who never ever stops talking, or running, or bouncing about.  We only have weeks left as a family of 3 which is a slightly surreal thought.  The new baby does constantly reminds us of its imminent arrival by kicking away all day long and the weeks seem to be flying by.  I know the due date will be here tomorrow, in a flash. 
Little Z has been a bit confused about the whole concept of anniversaries. “Is it your birthday mummy?” was asked when he saw the card and present, as well as “why did I not come to your wedding??”. He now thinks anniversaries are when everyone should get married and he has picked his Daddy to get married to. Not me. Huh!  

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29 thoughts on “Anniversaries”

  1. awww happy anniversary and this years celebration sounds rather wonderful to me and as you say, very diffrent to previous ones.
    it will be mine and Jon’s 10 years of being unmarried this year and i would love to be taken away as we have never done so sonce we have been together, but i expect it will be another 10 years until we do xx
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  2. Love Little Z’s interest in weddings and anniversaries. These are also the type of conversations I have with N. He always wants to know where he was, why he wasn’t at our wedding, how long ago, ‘was I in your tummy?’ etc. He doesn’t get the concept of BN (before N!).

    Happy anniversary too.
    Emma T recently posted…Project 365 2015 week 27My Profile

  3. Anniversaries are tricky to get your head around when you’re little, I think – my girl’s the same. How thing do change over time. My husband and I talk about how our first anniversary was Paris, and nowadays a trip out for a few hours just the two of us would be amazing!! As you say, quite happy with the changes, though 🙂 x
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  4. Haha Ikea! My fave store and I love storage boxes. I drool when I see them as we dont have lots of space in the house and my husband just loves to buy things!

    Happy anniv! And I am so interested with that ribbon with Chanel logo =P

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