Beautiful Baby Bits and Bobs

I had Little Z over 4 years ago now and I just can’t believe how much baby gadgets and gizmos have changed in such a short space of time. There is so many advanced little gadgets and gizmos out there, some aiming to make life easier and some just simply beautiful, complimenting the even more beautiful baby. Then there are the swishy dresses. I love swishy dresses. Ones that skim a growing bump but aren’t clingy tight are my favourite. And the little baby outfits. Oh so cute! I am going to have a serious problem resisting in this department I think.

With Little Z I wanted everything to be matching and new and pristine and organised. This time we have been given a lot of things by family and friends already and I’ve gratefully accepted them. We have definitely treated ourselves with some lovely things too but there is just so much out there and we definitely have no intention of buying multiple types of the same thing. So this post is not really about anything in particular, its just a little “Oooh look isn’t it lovely” type of post all about beautiful baby bits and bobs.

The Baby Jogger Summit x 3 Stroller
We definitely don’t need a new buggy. We opted for a Quinny first time round and hardly used it as we drive to most places and never had to do a school run before. It’s in pretty pristine condition and we’ll probably use it just as infrequently. If I WAS a mum that was to use a buggy daily though I’d definitely get a Baby Jogger Summit x3. You can collapse it ONE HANDED. How cool is that. It looks so slick and so compact once folded, like it would be all nice and very neat in your boot and still leave space for something else.

The Jumperoo
This is one my most favourite baby toys ever. EVER! Little Z loved it from about 6 months to over a year old. It takes up a bit of space but its fantastic. It entertains little ones forever and you find that as they use it through the entirety of the teething phase, all the toys get a good covering of permanent saliva. They smile like through it like little committed soldiers though and both mummy and baby can have some happy time.


The SnuzPod
I debated a while between this and the Chicco Next2Me. I love the idea of having a crib attached to the bed. Still safe and separate but providing the connection and closeness without sharing a bed. I never trusted myself with Little Z until he was about 9 months old. So a whole few weeks of comparing the two commenced. One is slightly bigger, one is completely beautiful, one is more portable than the other, one is slightly more expensive. Eventually I decided we are getting this one. Its so pretty and hopefully it connects to our bed.


Monsoon Dresses
I am always slightly fussy when it comes to dresses. I don’t like anything too clingy as it makes me really really hot and I love swishiness. I believe that is a fashion term. Surprisingly I’ve found Monsoon Dresses are very roomy as a lot have pleats at the front and belts so provide plenty of space for bump to grow without the material looking like its going to split. I’ve just gone one size up and it still fits fine because the cut is so flowy. (Obviously you need to try them on in the store!) This is my new favourite. It fits like a glove. And is lovely and swishy. Oh the swish!


Penguin All-In-One
This isn’t something I would ever buy as I’m much more of a sucker for little hoods with ears on them but I think this would top Little Z’s list. It looks so so cute and cuddly. Possibly slightly too warm for summer but then we’re not really having a summer are we? Ideal for anyone that absolutely adores penguins.


Tan Knitted Cardigan
Ahhhhh ears. So cute. And all coloured in Tan so would work for a little baby boy or girl.

Brown Cardigan

BMW Ultimate Sleeping Machine
I got very very excited when this video came out. A cot that gently simulates the motions of a car, gently rocking a baby to sleep. Designed with utter sophistication. Clean cuts, simple but classic timeless design. How perfect. It took me a bit of time to realise it was an April Fools joke by BMW. The Ultimate sleeping machine does not exist. But it should! It would probably become one of BMWs best sellers. Please BMW. Make this for all sleep deprived parents up and down the country. And world!

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Baby Bits and Bobs”

    1. Yes! We’ve got down a whole box from the attic and I was surprised how new some things looked. Whilst the older aged stuff looked a bit worse for wear 🙂 probably when he started moving!
      Notmyyearoff recently posted…Nutty NestingMy Profile

  1. We have a 4 year age gap too and it is amazing how things change. We didn’t get a jumperoo last time but I bought one second hand for g and the saliva thing really shocked me ha ha.
    It’s all so exciting eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk 🙂
    I’m totally different this time g has worn a lot of his sister’s pink hands downs. They grow out of things so quickly ha ha. I can’t wait to hear all about your baby now xxxx

  2. Sadly my baby days are now all behind me, I fear that in the next year I shall have to say goodbye to pushchairs too and then I will be really sad because it means my little man won’t even be a toddler anymore 🙁

    My boys LOVED their Jumperoo, definitely a good investment and despite it’s size it’s still worth it and it won’t be forever. I LOVE that SnuzPod, how cute is that soooo many gorgeous baby things. Do I sound jealous? I am!! 😉
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    1. We almost sold our Quinny at Christmas but left it mainly through being lazy and thinking “we’ll do it soon”. I’m glad we didn’t now but I think I will be very sad when it’s time to let go of it all x
      Notmyyearoff recently posted…Nutty NestingMy Profile

  3. Love the Monsoon dress, I never bought maternity clothes for children 1 & 2 now aged 23 and 20 as there really wasn’t much on the market and it was very pricey, with son no 3, now 16, maternity clothes were available in high street stores like New Look, but i didn’t buy much,
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