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We’re huge fans of wooden toys and the Wooden Toy Shack is a site you will love to browse and shop from if you love them too. In our house and we must have a gazillion wooden things around the house that have lasted us forever. Little Z’s most favourite is his train track set. I secretly love that one too. Each time we set out building a whole track it’s never the same twice. We then play a game of “catch the car”, it’s slightly strange as I then go chasing his car with my train. It works though and he’s always in fits of laughter.

Recently, one of his new favourite games is to be the shopkeeper and sell me a whole bunch of wooden fruit plus other bits ad pieces. I have to wait whilst he calls out on his intercom for more milk though and then, for the joy of waiting, he swipes all my credit cards twice. So its not that cheap. My alternative though is to buy a very expensive ice cream from him. He used to charge me £20 but that’s now fallen in price a bit.

Delicious fruits for your little ones shop!

Ice Crean

Very nice looking ice cream

The wooden toy shack website is a lovely little journey of discovery. If you’re stuck for what to buy you can browse by category or by age. I particularly like the age search as I’m always struggling to find presents for nieces and nephews. My car mad boy means my mind needs to be expanded on a regularly basis when buying for others. Another little plus point is the next day delivery which is great if you’re always a last minute shopper.

Now for the giveaway. The wooden toy shack are kindly giving away a £50 voucher to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave me a comment below via the Rafflecopter form and tell me if you had a favourite wooden toy as a child. That’s it!

For bonus entries you can complete the optional extras in the Rafflcopter form too. Good luck!!

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Terms and Conditions of the Giveaway

The giveaway is for one winner to win a £50 voucher. The winner will be selected at random and notified via Twitter and / or email
Entrants must be UK residents and over 18.
The winner will be selected after the 31st August 2015
The prize is not exchangeable for any alternative prizes and no cash alternative can be provided.
The prize will be despatched by the Wooden Toy Shack

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291 thoughts on “Giveaway from the Wooden Toy Shack for a £50 voucher!”

  1. I didn’t have a favourite wooden toy. Child of the early 80s, everything was plastic. Or fabric. But my son has lots of wooden toys. He even had a beautiful wooden handmade teether. In the shape of a rabbit! I still love it. So tactile!
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  2. When I was younger I used to love the wooden jigsaws you used to get with the pegs on them to put them into place. My favourite one was a Snoopy one!

  3. I had a little wooden giraffe with a string tail that I remember buying from a car boot sale when i was very young. I remember taking it everywhere with me and even taking it to school 🙂

  4. I had a very battered but well-loved dolls’ house that my cousins had and when they got too old I got it. Was so happy. Sad times when it went off to a new home when I got too old. But now have a big posh Victorian one (an adult-type). 🙂

  5. I have fond memories of wooden jigsaws – even now the smell of them takes me back to my childhood!

  6. I had a wooden train set as a child with trains, tracks, bridges, tunnels and stations (In fact I still have it, but won’t throw it away for sentimental reasons)

  7. My dolls house, all the furniture was wooden, not like the plastic stuff you get today, and even the dolls were wooden, oh how I missed that dolls house, now I get the granddaughters to play.

  8. I used to have a wooden kitchen my Grandad had made it was amazing, We still have it and now have it in the garden in a play house for my children to play with 🙂 x

  9. I had a wooden wardrobe, bed, vanity unit and chair for my barbie size dolls which my mom and dad made between them as a special present one Christmas. They didn’t like the plastic range in the shops so made me something more personal and better quality.

  10. I had a wooden push along cart that was filled with wooden blocks, i remember playing for hour with it!

  11. We (My sisters and I) had a lovely wooden dolls house with tiny furniture for our dolls to have a great time!

  12. My grandma had a rocking horse, my sisters and I had so much fun with it and loved playing on it whenever we visited her 🙂

  13. I had a wooden box of coloured wooden bricks which I used to set up in the doorway to a bedroom and play greengrocer with. Anyone who walked past had to buy something from me 🙂

  14. Leave a comment telling us what your favourite wooden toy from childhood was. . . . . . my rocking horse

  15. I Had a wooden trolley with different coloured wooden blocks in, we recently saw the exact same one in a charity shop for £2 , i got it for my daughter 🙂

  16. I use to have a wooden kitchen when I was younger and I always forever pretending to make people food 🙂 xxx

  17. Yes I did! It was a pull along duck that quacks when you move it, and it’s duck sits on it’s back and spins as it goes along. It lost it’s string many, many years ago but we kept it… when I got pregnant my parents dug it out of their loft for me and it’s now pride of place in my little boys room 🙂

    I love the thought that he might one day be playing with it with his own kids… (though that’s a long way off yet!)- just don’t feel the same about plastic toys somehow…

  18. I had a wooden toy that had a horse’s head at a top, then a long pole with a wheel on the bottom, so you could pretend you were on a horse and gallop around on it. Hours of fun!

  19. I used to have a wooden dolls house with all wood dolls and furniture. Used to love playing with it all of the time!!

  20. I have memories of playing with the wooden pegs that you had to hit with a wooden hammer to knock them through to the other side.

  21. A really unusual fox and cub puzzle – each piece was a different colour and the pieces were the different bit of the body i.e. head, tail etc. which meant some of the in between bits were a really odd shape! Still have it now for my babies, and I still have a sneaky go of it when I’m ‘tidying up’ 🙂

  22. A classic noah’s ark, complete with pairs of wooden animals, giraffes, elephants and crocodiles. I loved it!

  23. I loved my little wooden dog on wheels that mad a funny sound when you pulled him along .. surprisingly I still have him and my kids love him just as much as I did.

  24. My favourite wooden toy was my huge beautiful dolls house. My nana still has it and my eight year old cousin now plays with it 🙂

  25. I don’t remember any wooden toys I had as a child but I do remember having and loving a little white wooden pull along dog with a springy tail! ❤️

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