Pregnancy Diary – Week 29

Pregnancy Week29

I can’t really believe I’ve nearly hit the 30 week mark of this pregnancy.  I think I’m actually 30 weeks at the time of writing. I have no idea why I keep forgetting and the only way I am really remembering is when the midwife or consultant calculates it on their chart.   This last week and a half has felt slightly strange as I’ve had no consultant or hospital appointments, only a straight forward midwife one and it was a fairly boring one which makes a nice change.   I have however learnt how to order a repeat prescription for the very first time ever.   I was almost tempted to whisper the question to the receptionist so no one heard me.  I went through the whole spiel of explaining I had gestational diabetes and then was surprised I had to wait 48 hours to collect the prescription for my huge batch of test strips and needles.  Which is pretty logical really when you think about it but means I have to fit in yet another visit to somewhere in the juggle that has become this pregnant life.  I have become an excellent stabber though.  Gone are the days where I bleed all over myself. It’s now discreetly done within a few seconds and the results noted down quickly.   It’s still an arse, to say the least, but I am hoping I can remain diet controlled and not have to take any tablets for it.  That’s my one incentive not to pop a marshmallow in my mouth, as much as I want to! 

The baby is doing well and is kicking regularly.  It’s very similar to Little Z where it’s wide awake at night but it seems to be the only time I get some quiet moments to actually listen and pay attention to movements properly.  I’ve also made a baby list, at long last!  I just need to go out and buy it now and organise it all.  We definitely need a crib and car seat which are pretty crucial really.  Who know things would change so much in just 5 years.  There are so many options out there.  I think I love the idea of having a crib that attaches to the bed so think that is definitely going to have to factor into our choice.  

I am getting a lot slower and more shuffly now which I guess is understandable.  I find myself doing lots in the day then feeling the effects of it in the evening.  I know I do need to start thinking about putting my feet up a bit more but I just need to finish a tiny bit more organising. With my wonderful storage.  And maybe put a couple more shelves up. Which would give me so much more space.  And then clear out one more cupboard, possibly.   I did buy these wonderful things this week.  I really am not into floral things whatsoever but they were so pretty I just had to.   I am considering getting another box.  So I have a nice neat 8.  Because that’s normal, right?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the diabetes– just another thing to make an uncomfortable time MORE uncomfortable. I am 34 weeks pregnant- and while it hasn’t been a cake walk, I am feeling pretty healthy still, and still capable of doing quite a bit of exercise without feeling too winded.

    My husband decided a few months ago that we needed to renovate our house before the baby comes– which means I’ve been at home, in a huge mess, supervising contractors for the past month. Just today I was finally able to get in the nursery and start setting up! Luckily, we’ve bought everything– I just couldn’t put anything in the nursery until all this work finished!
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  2. I am glad to hear you are doing well despite the diabetes hun. I love your bump. I miss my bump so very much even if I was the same and couldn’t ever get out of bed without help. lol Pregnancy problems eh? lol Those mugs are gorgeous I have the plates to them and just love them. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
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  3. ah bess you it really does sound a faff though glad it is just becoming a bit normal for you now. Sounds exciting with the shopping though honestly I find shopping for baby things so daunting, there is so much stuff and it can be so expensive, never know what to get, so I wish you luk! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays xx
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  4. I think you are doing amazingly not being tempted by the sweet things…it must be so hard but totally worth it if you don’t have to take any medication. I love how you are nesting and I could not believe how much had changed between Lucas and the twins and that wasn’t too long at all! Even all the advice differs, it’s so hard to keep up! xx
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