A little desk for big ideas – A review

As we make the most of Little Z’s last summer before he starts proper school we are using days here and there to prepare. There is the uniform buying and then cute little PE kits and book bags. Then there’s drink bottles and plimsolls and named stickers to place all over them. It’s all very cute and slightly daunting all at once. I’m not sure how we’re already at this stage but we seem to be weeks away from him going into full time education.

In all of that he has developed a love of crafting and glitter glue, and PVA glue and Prittstick glue. Anything that involves glue and he will sit down and craft for quite a while. He also loves scissors and cutting things up. There is a lot of encouragement to write letters and numbers and whilst he’ll do it for a few minutes, he will go back to his passion of gluing things. The gluier, the better! And my coffee table is taking a good gluey hammering. It all comes off easily enough and is all quite child friendly but when we were offered the chance to review a children’s table and chair set from Homebase I thought it would be the absolute perfect thing for him for all his little gluey crafts.

Homebase is not the first place I’d think of for children’s bedroom furniture so I was surprised to find some very nice things in their Kid’s bedroom category online. They do everything from a rage of kids bunk beds, to kids bedding to lots of colourful accessories like lamps and storage solutions.

I let Little Z pick which one he’d like and he opted for a bright blue round table with two matching chairs. The ordering system is great and lets you pick exactly what day you’d like it. You then get text messages to let you know the delivery slot.

Homebase Kids Table and Chairs 3

Assembly was very very easy and everything slotted together perfectly without needing screws. The husband did it all with a soft headed mallet (and an old book to cushion some of the force) and put it together within 15 minutes and we got to work with our crafting.

Homebase Kids Table and Chairs 1

Homebase Kids Table and Chairs 4

(I couldn’t persuade him to take his “Superhero” mask off if you’re wondering what the yellow thing is!).

As it was a rainy Sunday we decided to make a girl octopus and a boy octopus. Little Z just wanted to get to work with his scissors and glue and glitter mostly and I found that the surface is brilliant for little ones. Durable and wipeable and over time I hope to make use of that little desk for practicing numbers and letters. The whole thing is sturdy but light enough to carry about to different rooms, even by a huffy slow pregnant lady like me. The chairs are also perfect for him to sit next to the coffee table if he wanted. Very much glue-less and glitter-less though.

Homebase Table and Chairs 2

Even superheroes need a rest
Even superheroes need a rest

I would say the whole thing is perfect for 3 years onwards just because of the chairs height although I’m sure a young one could scramble on comfortably with a bit of adult supervision. I think we’ll get a lot of use out of this little desk and chairs for a few years to come.

Homebase Kids Table and Chairs 7

This is a review for kids furniture from Homebase

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    1. Hehe superheroes need a bit of downtime too eh? He’s finally taken that yellow mask off and misplaced it slightly!

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