Delicious cakes I would love to eat!

Have you ever watched 27 dresses? You know the one, where Katherine Heigl is a serial bridesmaid and never the bride. Do you remember the last scene where she has 27 bridesmaids all in their different outfits looking on as the bride gets married? Very sweet ending and such a feel good movie. I watch it every time its on.

Now imagine a bunch of people you know with excellent cooking and baking abilities, all queued up waiting to deliver some delicious cake. Today my consultant insisted my diabetes would disappear once the baby was born. I asked 3 times in different ways. And she laughed and nodded, emphatically. Wow. This means I will be able to cake again. And soon. Which sparked off this a chain reaction of all the cakes and pies I’ve recently wanted to try over the last year but just couldn’t touch. The husband could sense my eyes widen with a million thoughts all at once and interjected with “yeah but take it easy”. And of course, I will. I am allowed a bit of a careful sugar fest though, right? And obviously I wouldn’t eat them all at once. I’d store them all in the appropriate fashion to keep me going through those early sleep deprived weeks. Cake is actually an important baby support tool through the early stages and some even claim it is much needed to keep energy levels up during breast feeding.

So, without further ado, these are all the delicious cakes I would love to eat. Oh and the odd pie and fridge bar too. Because, why not? I’ve linked to each of their recipes if you fancy making them..and bringing me some.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #1: Strawberry and Elderflower cream cake stack

Jenny is one of my absolute favourite cake bloggers who I’ve known for a good few years and her posts always always make me lament the fact she lives so far away. It was really hard for me to pick just the one cake and I have no qualms whatsoever about her bringing me more than one. Or five. But I eventually settled for this one on account of my love of cream in any cake and my love for strawberries. Plus it looks huge!

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #2: Chocolate Caramel Fridge Bars

I’m not a big massive chocolate fan but I do love a good digestive, and caramel in anything is divine. Put them together in a fridge bar and the result is a mouthwatering fridge bar just like this. The recipe is simple but looks like it works so perfectly. Throw in the adorable little assistant cook thats helping out in this post and I think I’d have the perfect time munching away on these whilst discussing the importance of protective hats.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #3: Chocolate mud and caramel Easter cake

Easter Cake_2
I know this mentions “Easter” in it but look at that caramel oozing out of the chocolate layers and the topping of crunchy chocolate mini eggs. It’s definitely what I would call an “all year round” type of cake. Such a decadent looking dessert and would be absolutely delicious warmed up slightly I bet so you could dig in with a spoon. It’s not one I could finish in one sitting no matter how hard I tried but looks like a chocoholics dream! Michelle also has a very nice looking black forest gateau on her site which really should be checked out.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #4: Devilish chocolate brownies


There is nothing nicer than a chewy chocolate brownie with a nice cup of tea. It’s my go to cake and they’re usually so easy to make too. These are no different and if you read the ingredients in the recipe they’re not too devilish. They do look absolutely lovely though and look like a good cake to try with a little one. Charly also has a much healthier courgette version on her blog too if you’re looking for an angelic alternative.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #5: Oreo and caramel cheescake

Oreo and caramel cheesecake

I’m a massive fan of cheescake but I really really dislike coulis on top of it. It seems to be such a popular combination but I end up scraping it all off to one side. I do. however, love Oreo on top of cheesecake. I think the two go together so so well and it makes the perfect combination. So this one made by The Boy and Me would suit me perfectly. A whole (cheats) cheesecake, with a generous mix of oreo and caramel combined into the mix. Perfectly lovely.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #6: Dark chocolate cupcakes with almond chocolate buttercream frosting


When you have a queue of bakers bringing you cake then cupcakes must absolutely feature in that collection. And these are rather delicious looking. Jenny has a collection of both healthy and scrumptious looking recipes on her blog and this is one of them. I think it was just the buttercream frosting that won me over completely. How nice do they look?

Delicious cake crumble I’d love to eat #7: Sugar, gluten, dairy free apple crumble

Ok, I know this is not cake but I love apple crumble and this is a very healthy looking recipe that I couldn’t not include. It uses maple syrup in it and I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet but I am going to, and drown it in hot custard. It’s one my best comfort desserts of all time and something I never tire of. I haven’t had it for about a year now so its definitely something I want to try very soon.

Delicious cakes I’d love to eat #8: Lemon Curd swiss roll
Lemon curd swiss roll
I have to admit I got slightly trapped on Helen’s site. I just kept clicking through cake post after cake post and not being able to decide which was my favourite. She is a fantastic baker (and cook!) and her site has some very very nice recipes on it. After much deliberating I finally decided this is my all time favourite from her site. A lemon curd swiss roll cleverly patterned with little lemons all over. I reckon I could eat at least half, if not all, in one sitting.

And I should probably stop there for now. Some amazing cakes from amazing bakers. Any more than 8 would probably send me into some kind of sugar shock but they are glorious aren’t they? If you do have an amazing cake post or recipe then do please feel free to bring me some. Or just send me the link so I can have a good ogle at it.

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  1. Tas being the big cake lover that I am , I so feel for you and your cake withdrawals at the moment! especially as pregnancy should be the time to gorge!! However, imagine how good that first taste of cake is going to be! mmmmm – if i lived closer i would def recreate any cake for you once the baby is born!
    thank you for including my cake and for being so lovely πŸ™‚ xx
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