How to have a second pregnancy

How to have a second pregnancy

With my first pregnancy I was extremely lucky and got through it like a breeze. I’m not sure if age had something to do with as it was almost 5 years ago now. So I think the fact that I’m slightly older and just a tiny bit more grumpy seems to have made a lot of difference this time round. I know they DO say every pregnancy is different and WOW has it been different. After careful observation of just the one individual (Me), this is how to have a second pregnancy.

1. Start looking visibly pregnant by about week 6 and wonder how that already happened when the baby must be about the size of a kidney bean.
How does this happen? Its as if your body thinks “Ah yeah, I remember what to do from last time” and BOOM, everything pops out instantly. When I finally officially told work one person said “yeah I guessed weeks ago”. Oh, ERRR. Ok.

2. Look longingly at any surface, comfortable or not, and get very tempted to put your head down for a nap as you feel SO exhausted.
My desk at work looked very very inviting each morning even after my daily ginger ale can and banana.

3. Throw up each morning with your 4 year old standing 2 inches from your face observing and happily imitating you.
I totally and very smugly escaped any kind of morning sickness in my first pregnancy. I stupidly assumed it would be the same the second time round. It wasn’t and each morning my stomach would get a hard painful workout. Luckily mine stopped at the 12 week mark. I really do have a lot of sympathy for those that have to endure it well into their 3rd trimester.

4. Accesorise and smile to hide the very tired, sleepy feeling whilst you try to get to the 12 week mark before announcing the pregnancy to people.

I'm not sleepy...

5. Reach the second trimester and start craving absolutely everything. Eat things larger than your head. Or at least try to.
I think there was a 8 week period where we pretty much tried every single nice restaurant within a 35 mile radius. I spent all my weekends feeling nicely stuffed, then come home and feel peckish about an hour later.


6. Crave sugary, fizzy and carb rich foods.
I did love this period, it was glorious whilst it lasted and I think I indulged in my pregnancy cravings to the max!

7. Have the shutters come down pretty hard on your sugar fest at your glucose tolerance test.
Getting told you have gestational diabetes and that you have to restrict what you eat and when you eat is pretty hard when you’re pregnant and hungry around the clock. I think its fair to say its been a bit of a rollercoaster with a huge amount of trial and error.  


8. Realise how much sugar was actually being consumed.
I think if I had been cut open I would bleed out a sugary treacle type of blood. EVERYTHING has a massive amount of sugar in it, whether it needs it or not. For all the restrictions my skin looks a million times better and it feels a bit like being on one very long detox fast. I never feel full and I do miss cake a LOT but this whole thing has helped me eat a lot more fresh food that’s good for me.


9. Feel the rage and lose all any manner of tact. Or patience.
Do you remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe is pregnant and being very very snappy and brutally honest with everyone around her? I have been like that times about 10. My patience levels hover somewhere around a minus level and I am instantly snappy. I now have the ability to go from normal to demented blinding raging woman in about 2 seconds flat. On those days I should really just go to bed with some Netflix. Please say my patience comes back as soon as the baby is born?

10. Realise you have no time to sit and watch your belly move hourly.
First time pregnancy is very very exciting and fascinating. I spent a lot of time reading books and apps and watching my belly move. I thought I would get to do the same the second time but Little Z didn’t feel the same way and wanted entertaining. Juggling of daily life and entertaining a big ball of 4 year old energy has made my second pregnancy very different. It’s why I don’t mind so much when the baby is kicking about at 3am.

11. Find people become a complete expert in gender guessing and in advising what gender will “complete” your family.
With Z I was pregnant all the way round. This time round I’m carrying all up front. The parenting police weren’t too fussed what I was having the first time. It was our first and therefore either a boy or a girl would be lovely. This time round the gender guessers are absolutely sure just by looking at my bump that I am having a boy / girl. Their gender identification skills are amazing considering they don’t even need to touch me. Then there are the ones who love to tell me that a girl would complete our family and even those that have said “lets hope its not another boy”. Wow. I forgot about the parenting police but I do believe I can hear them putting on their uniforms as I write this, ready to dish their advice once the baby arrives.

12. Think taking your 4 year old to the scans is ultra cute.
It has been so lovely to have Little Z very much a part of this pregnancy. His little face has studied everything and he is very much in love with blood pressure machines. We may have to buy him a real one for his birthday. I never thought I would ever have to convince a child that a human baby will be much more fun than a penguin baby. I think he’s finally accepted that it will be a girl or a boy.


13. Become a lot more savvy with all the mums clubs you can sign up to.
The first time round I think I signed up for every single new mum club going. Everything from Emma’s Diary to Bounty to all the supermarket related ones. I loved the freebies that came through the door and religiously read everything they sent. This time round I think I’ve signed up to one and don’t even really bother reading whatever it is they send. It all feels a lot more relaxed and it makes me smile to spot all the first time mums in the hospital carrying their notes around in the Bounty pack folders whilst mine is stuffed into my bag.

14. Keep meaning to pack that hospital bag once you hit the 30 week mark.
I definitely will absolutely completely do this very very soon. Honest. It’s about 90% of the way there now. I just need to sort some last bits. I’m pretty sure in my first pregnancy my bag was all packed and in my boot by about week 23. Just in case!

15. Take nesting to a whole other level.
I’m really not quite sure what happened this time but I got pretty obsessed with nesting and de-cluttering. I wanted to deep clean every single room. Why? I’m not too sure but its made me feel a million times better and much more organised. I still have a couple of kitchen cupboards to go. But I’ve really calmed it down now. I hope. There’s no second wind nesting is there?


16. Tell yourself you will re-use everything you already have from the first time.
That was the full intention. To reuse everything we could possibly reuse from Little Zs time. After all, babies are really only in clothes for a few months before they move up to the next lot. I then thought it would be nice to buy some token new items. Then a couple more. Then some other bits, just because they looked so cute.

Brown Cardigan

17. Insist you do not have pregnancy brain.
Ok this happened first time too. I can start a conversation, waffle on a bit and forget what point I was going to make mid way through. I may have also started to do something and forgotten why. Fortunately my memory did come back a few months after having Z so this time should be no different. Hopefully. But yes I do not have pregnancy brain. Or whatever it was we were talking about.

18. Hope to get to 39 weeks.
Having chosen to have a section this time I know it could be anytime after the 36 week mark. I won’t really know for another couple of weeks but getting to 39 weeks plus a few days would be fantastic. A lot of it depends on how the diabetes pans out over the next month so there are a few more weeks of being ultra strict to keep all my levels in tact.

19. Plan to be the Augustus Gloop of cake post pregnancy.
At least for a little bit. I am already making a mental list of what I really really miss. This includes eclairs, any cake with fresh cream in it, pizza, nachos, ice cream, chocolate feast, basically everything I’ve not been able to eat for the last few months. If you’re coming to visit me then please don’t bring lucozade. Bring cake. Or ice cream.

20. Hope to fit two little kiddos in one lap.
This is why your hips expand, right? So you can fit two little ones onto your lap all at once for lots of hugs?


24 thoughts on “How to have a second pregnancy”

  1. Ahhhh I love this post. I am just going through my 2nd pregnancy and its been pretty tough with a 3 year old running around all summer! I have zero patience right now, and yes I had the morning sickness with a 3 year old staring at me!!! #maternitymondays

  2. Love this post and I can definitely relate to some from my second pregnancy. You definitely don’t get the time to just sit and watch your belly and feel those kicks. You are so tired because you have one to run around after already. I hope there is a really nice cake waiting for you at the end of this.
    LauraCYMFT recently posted…Preparing for Back to SchoolMy Profile

  3. This is such a lovely post. Each pregnancy is so different, isn’t it? All three of mine were, although being told by my midwife that it was ‘probably just my age’ the last time was a little annoying πŸ™‚ Nearly there lovely, I will send you lots of virtual cake as soon as I’m allowed xx
    Sara | mumturnedmom recently posted…Me and: eleven thingsMy Profile

  4. Absolutely loves this post. We are just thinking about baby number two. I used to spend hours just watching my bump and like you say reading EVERYTHING baby related that came through my door! My friends said her second pregnancy just flew by as you just don’t have time to think about it. Sorry to hear you have gestational diabetes, I met someone in hospital who had it and it sounded pretty tough. Good luck with it all πŸ™‚
    Becky- LittleOandme
    LittleOandMe recently posted…Bobo Buddies toddler reins from Throughly modern babyMy Profile

  5. Oh hun, you look stunning but I remember how tough pregnancy can be, I had such a hard time throughout my first, vomiting constantly, I got OC and then a traumatic birth but my second pregnancy was a million times easier and the birth was honestly a dream. Soon enough this will be over but how weird and insenstive are people, I love having 2 boys and my second son completed my family, I adore my kids to the moon and back and wouldn’t have wanted a different child, I do think people can be so utterly cray cray at times! Here if you need to chat, chick x
    Honest Mum recently posted…Warm Salad Nicoise Recipe with La RedouteMy Profile

  6. aw… great (and funny!) post. It’s not easy being pregnant with a toddler – how I missed the first time around pregnancy naps! I think I do agree that having the second baby was (for me) easier than the first as it wasn’t such a shock to the system. I too looked pregnant about 5 minutes into my second pregnancy. At least I already had the jeans to put on!
    Erin – Yorkshire Tots recently posted…A Magical Morning at Rainbow Factory, Leeds – Yorkshire Tots Days Out ReviewMy Profile

  7. This is a great post! Don’t worry, you definitely can fit two on your lap (just)! I used to hate everyone guessing what sex the baby would be. I carried both of mine exactly the same way and I had a girl and a boy.
    HelpfulMum recently posted…Your YouTube #36My Profile

  8. Oh yes, I can relate! I enjoyed my first pregnancy, though I was sick, too, but my second was hard work! I craved fizzy sweets so much, and as I had a planned section, I was hoping I’d get to my date, too, without going into labour naturally! Though I do adore my son, a penguin baby would also be nice… πŸ˜‰ x
    The Reading Residence recently posted…A Visit to Avoncroft MuseumMy Profile

  9. OH I love this hunny, you look amazing and made me so hungry drooling over all these goodies. Sounds like you are doing second pregnancy perfectly minus a few bumps but the food you got right. hahah That’s what I did with my two. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ #34My Profile

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