Nutty Nesting


I think it’s fair to say I may have to gone to complete extremes when it’s came to nesting in this pregnancy.  I didn’t meant to start out like that. Somehow it turned into a few weeks of nutty nesting. I was just going to clean out Little Zs clothes, buy some new baby clothes and give the bedrooms a good clean.  

It was then thought that some extra shelves would be perfect as well as a clear out all of my own clutter too.   Cue clothes going into charity, clothes going into new baskets, clothes lying around on the bed, clothes, clothes, clothes. Everywhere.   Oops.  A trip to IKEA would be needed for lots of storage.  To get it all organised.

It was then thought maybe we should get some new dishes too.  After all, we would have guests round after the baby comes along.   And ooh some nice black ones would be ideal.  And some white ones as a bold stark contrast.  And some square dishes too because they would look brilliant as serving dishes.  

And then there were the quirky tea cups.  Classic in their shape with a slight twist to give them a modern look.
And then there were the quirky uber floral mugs. Really not something I’d usually buy.  Initially intended for Little Zs keyworker who had just moved into her first home.   I really really couldn’t part with them though, especially once they were out of their box.  So it wasn’t my fault.   Little Zs keyworkers got a very nice heart mug set instead.  She looked delighted.  

And then I needed 8.  Because 8 is a nice number. 4 was never going to be enough!

And then there were all the new baby clothes.  In truth, we did need a lot as we only had a sparse few bits and pieces.  And babies do need to wear nice cute clothes don’t they?

And then there were the pretty storage boxes.     For all the bits and bobs that needed a nice clean compartmentalised place to live.  I would have bought many many more but I just couldn’t carry them.  And I didn’t have enough energy to make another trolley trip to and from the car.

And I *think* we may now be ready.  Finally.  

Although I have seen a very lovely tea pot , and then that’ll be it. Really.

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54 thoughts on “Nutty Nesting”

  1. I love this post! It’s exactly the same as me! Glad you are finally ready to welcome your little one πŸ™‚ By the way, I adore the boxes in the photo!

    1. IKEA is like a death trap for storage lovers, you just can’t buy one thing. It’s like some kind of magic descends over you!

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