Pregnancy Diary – Weeks 30 and 31

Pregnancy Diary Weeks 30 and 31

After the Sliding scale joyful stay in hospital I decided I should probably pack my hospital bag and start getting properly prepared. So its 90% packed now with some odd bits and pieces to throw in. Luckily we only live about a 5 minute drive from the hospital so it’s not too long a drive to pick up anything we may have forgotten. I’ve completely forgotten what actually goes into a hospital bag though so I think I’ve pretty much wing’d it! If you have a list please can I have a peek?

We’ve also had an epic clear out and I reckon we’re almost ready now. Just a couple more big necessary things to buy including a car seat and the all important crib but once they are here and set up it’s going to feel very surreal and like it’s actually happening. I can’t really believe we’re already here or that a second baby will soon be a part of our lives. How weird. And fantastic. And strange! Coupled with the fact I have 4 very part time weeks of work left and it makes it feel very daunting. I have a tiny paranoia the baby is going to try to arrive before its due date but I’m really hoping it stays put at least another 6 weeks.

The regular scans go on through the pregnancy and this week a handful of the midwives now know me and always ask about how the diabetes is going. Well, it was going really well till the steroid jabs which knocked everything out. Bah! But thankfully it looks like it’s all settling back again which is a bit of a relief. Who knew it’s all such a minefield when they throw in some other medication. It feels like it puts you back to 0 again and you have to find another way around it all. I’m hoping another week will stabilise it all back to what it was and I can go back to just being diet controlled again.

I have seen some amazing scans over the last couple of weeks though. There was the one where the cheeky baby was playing with the cord, squishing it periodically making its own stats drop on the monitor, creating a bit of a false alarm. Then there was the one where the midwife said “Oh look, eyelashes!”. Eyelashes?? Sure enough you could make out some of the baby’s features, not clear enough to keep a picture in your head but distinct enough to be awesome and make you stop and stare. There were long eyelashes and big round eyes blinking. There was a very round face and a nose very similar to Little Z’s. In fact, it completely reminded me of Little Z. Apparently the next scan will probably show even more.

The summer sales have been pretty bad for me. There is so many nice things out there, for both big and little people. The little people stuff is pretty cute and once you’re sucked in there is no return. So this baby now has a mixture of Z’s clothes and some fabulous new bits, including a “Born in 2015” romper. Yay! (Thanks to Le Coin De Mel and The Boy And Me for finding one!). There has also been a fair bit purchased for the big people of the house. Mainly me. Mainly through an obsessive need to finish nesting. I think it stems from wanting to be very very organised this time and “the more I do now the less I do afterwards” which of course is never to going to pan out but it does make me feel better for now. I think I just need to bleach the house now and maybe scatter about those Milton tablets to make it all sterile. Just kidding. Maybe.

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19 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary – Weeks 30 and 31”

  1. Loving the adorable ‘Born in 2015’ romper and finding it hard to believe that you’re at 31 weeks already. Wishing you all the luck in the world and I hope that Little Z is going to be incredibly helpful in his role as older brother x
    Izzie Anderton recently posted…Suitcase SecretsMy Profile

  2. here’s hoping the baby stays put a while longer, all i remember when packing my baby bag with my first child who is now 23 is I put my pre pregnancy jeans in as my going home outfit as I had no idea my tummy wouldn’t shrink back to normal after the baby was born and really struggled getting them up my legs, thankfully i had a long top that covered the undone button, zip and covered my muffin top, which after 2 more kids is still there
    chickenruby recently posted…Week 32 – Project 365My Profile

  3. Great to catch up and read that your pregnancy is going well, and not long to go now at all! Sorry to hear about your diabetes. Is baby due mid September then? It does feel very surreal when you’re down to those final stages! X
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…So Far…My Profile

    1. Thanks so much Sarah, yes due last week of Septekber although I think it will be kid September. It really does feel surreal, I think it may do right until I hear a new baby screaming. 🙂

    1. It really is, it’s a bit of a pain going so frequently but amazing to see so many scans of it growing gradually!

  4. So sorry to hear medication is being a pain. Not long now hunny. Keep nesting I love that stage it makes the time go faster. Oh the sales can’t help to buy baby a few of it’s own new little things. MM had a lot of B’s stuff but new stuff as well. So excited to meet your baby soon. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Siblings {August}My Profile

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