The Little Man in the Big Room

  One of the things we had to do before the baby comes along is move Little Z into the big room that we’ve used for the past 6 years as a spare junk room.  I think it’s fair to say it was a pretty big mess with all sorts in it.  Extremely convenient though to chuck everything in and use it as a make shift launderette on days when I just couldn’t be bothered putting freshly washed clothes away.  Which became, err, part of normal routine.

Little Z has been more than happy on his little bed, or in our bed, sprawled out like an octopus whose limbs double in size and slapability through the night.  We ended up getting used to our nightly bed invader and never really put our foot down. 

Mission “Move Little Z to the big bedroom” carried with it a deadline of “Before new baby comes” and so began lots of cleaning, decluttering, wondering why the heck we’d kept certain things for so long, arguing about how we just can/ can’t keep that 20 year old denim jacket and slowly turning it into a fun bedroom with a huge double bed for a little boy who loves football.  Bribery works wonders.

Last night was the first night and thankfully he absolutely loved it.  The love was so deep I couldn’t get him to come downstairs till gone 10am this morning.  He has popped in various times today to “have a bit of a rest”.   His covers are a bright blue and green and covered top to toe in footballs.  If I’m honest, they’re not the best feeling comfort wise but for now they are doing the trick.  I must look to swap them with better ones really soon.  That leaves us with his old room to turn back into a nursery again and our transition is then complete.

It feels like another big milestone for our littlest man who will hopefully soon turn into a big brother that loves his sibling.   He is already turning into the most caring little boy always reminding me to take my medication or to do my blood test or patting my back and asking “are you ok now Mummy?” whenever I have a hormonal moment.   Of course that just makes me sob more and I have no idea how such a little person holds so much compassion already.  But he is rather lovely and I hope that care for others just continues to grow.

I’m now 33 weeks.  I think the soppiness and hormones are peaking.

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78 thoughts on “The Little Man in the Big Room”

    1. It really was, it feels like we can get the last bits of organising done now, although it didn’t go too productively today!

    1. It feels like they come along way too fast doesn’t it? He’ll be starting school soon and it feels like everything is happening all at once and too too soon!

    1. Hehe he really does. Its like he’s become some kind of teen overnight and never wants to leave it in the morning!

  1. How lucky is he to have a huge double bed all to himself. Sounds like he is loving his new space. Best of luck with the new arrival #mysundayphoto

    1. Thanks Tracey, he’s loving it right now and its been a week. We’re hoping the novelty doesn’t wear off anytime soon.

    1. Thanks so much Sarah, it was a bit of a relief to find he really liked it. There’s still bits to clear up in there but at least he’s loving it!

    1. Thanks Sara, we’re really hoping he does love the new baby. He keeps asking so we think he’s a bit excited!

    1. Haha I know, we couldn’t get him to stop doing it on that first day. Thankfully that novelty has worn off now.

  2. Gorgeous photo and so glad that Little Z loves his new bedroom and his big bed. Glad it’s not just me that uses a spare room as a makeshift laundrette on a regular basis – we also need to get our spare room converted into a bedroom for the girls. Good luck with making Little Z’s old room your new nursery.
    Louise recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

    1. I do secretly miss my huge laundrette, but we definitely needed to move him to a much bigger room so I think I’ll have to learn to put laundry away πŸ™‚

  3. awwwww is is a big milestone having a big boy bedroom and he sounds like he is taking it all in his stride. bless you and your hormones with the tears – they are only going to get worse yet!!! Z sounds like such a lovely and sweet natured boy, i am sure he will be the best big brother x x
    Jenny Paulin recently posted…Project 365 2015, Week 32My Profile

    1. He is wonderful little man when he wants to be, I have no idea how he remembers for me to do my blood tests. Err..I better do one now actually πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Darren, I think he really is loving it. Just got some last bits to do in there and then it’ll be finished.

    1. It really is, I need a one of those remote controls with a pause button on it. He is loving it though thankfully πŸ™‚

    1. We thought it would be a big fat fail if I’m honest. Its needing his dad to go in a few times but he’s loving it so far!

  4. Aaaahhhh thats lovely of him. Makes sense to move him now before you get too tired to want to do it. Hope he likes his new room.
    Why do men insist on keeping junk…..we have sheds, loft and cupboards full of stuff we may need one day.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 32My Profile

  5. Ahh Tas, you know he will be a fantastic big brother. He is at the perfect age for it too and I’m glad he loves his new room. We moved Lucas (ahem…into the smaller room) before the twins came but we decorated it all nicely and he was so excited with his new room. He now goes off ‘for a rest’ to get away from the twins πŸ˜‰
    Hayley (@hayleyfromhome) recently posted…Living Arrows {32/52}My Profile

    1. Oh I’m so sorry, sending you hugs. Hope you get some good sleep very very soon. If it helps, I have been a hormonal monster all day long today xx

    1. Oh Good luck Naomi, he is really enjoying it although is needing some reassurance from time to time. Hope yours loves it too!

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