Things you can do in the last weeks of pregnancy

Things to do in the last weeks of pregnancy

As I have glorious pregnancy insomnia in this pregnancy, just like my last, I find myself perusing through such things as Pinterest in the dark hours of about 2am onwards. Ohh its just so pretty, and addictive. And it has all sorts of wonderfully beautiful advice about how you can make or do the prettiest things, including “25 things you can do before the baby comes”.

Don’t click on things like that. You’ll break out in an anxiety sweat as you realise you haven’t organised all your muslins in a beautiful rainbow spectrum in a pretty box, filled your freezer with nutritious home cooked meals to last you an entire month, or got your thank you cards ready for afterwards (what the what?).

So instead I thought of all the things I am actually doing that I am pretty proud of. Because, think about it. If you were about the size of a small grumpy and tired looking whale then my God you should be proud too! So here’s my list of things you can actually do in the last weeks of pregnancy.

1. Pee, constantly, like you’ve never pee’d before.
I’m not even sure how this is possible to do for one human but wow not only does the baby love to kick about vital organs in there but I’m convinced the human bladder must resemble some kind of trampoline which explains why the baby is constantly bouncing on it. It’s why I literally huff and puff up the stairs, visit the bathroom, sit back downstairs on the sofa and immediately have to get up again to make another trip.

2. Sneak in the naughty treats.
If, like me, you’re a complete foodie then squeeze those trips in. Eat all the wonderful food and sneak in lots of naughty treats for your 4 year old. Little Z can’t quite believe all the little treats he’s getting right now and maybe I’m making a rod for my own back later but it’s the last few times it’ll be just me and him so I intend to keep doing it right until I have to go into hospital. I’m being good and carrying my hospital notes about. Err. Just in case.

3. Have the little and big panics. Then have a cry. Then calm down.
I look about my house and am still panicking every so often that such a thing still needs doing or hasn’t been deep cleaned. I’m not sure why I’m obsessed with deep cleaning absolutely everything but I think it comes down to wanting a very sterile and ready environment for the baby. Make a list, cry and off load onto your other half, friends, unassuming receptionist lady you don’t know at school. You’ll feel much better for it and realise the baby is probably not going to go into that far end kitchen cupboard or find your out of date spices from 2013. By the by, all my spices are now in date. Ahem.

4. Sleep, sleep, sleep!
I have had a hundred and one cheeky naps. In reality, it’s probably much needed as the baby has some growth spurts in the last couple of weeks which must take it. Of course its not like you can trade these hours off once the baby arrives but it does make you feel so much better, especially if you have insomnia.

5. Buy pretty things, for the baby AND for you.
It’s going to be fairly natural to buy a million and one beautiful things for the baby. They are going to look adorable in so much and of course, it’s NEEDED! But what about you? Seen a wonderfully lovely dress and not sure if it’s going to quite fit yet? Buy it anyway, especially if you’re aiming or fairly confident you’re going back to that size.  I have bought a very nice looking one in the sales and I hope to get into it one day.  Don’t go crazy obviously but a tiny bit of retail therapy never hurt anybody.  Plus, let’s face it, once you’re feeding the baby constantly, Amazon one click will become your new addiction. 

6. Book in a pregnancy massage
I haven’t actually managed this yet.  The very nice spa near us is full until after the baby is born but I live in hope. Or rather, in a slightly stalkerish fashion by making constant calls to them to ask if there’s been a cancellation.  Well, they asked me to! 

7. Buy thank you cards
It’s polite really isn’t it? Your house is going to look like someone lifted and shifted Toys R Us straight into your living room soon and no doubt your 4 year old is going to be highly excited helping to open it all but you are surrounded by nice family and friends and a nice little thank you card will do the trick. A bunch of flowers for anyone that brings a never ending train of nice hot food wouldn’t go amiss either.

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  1. Fabulous list!! Especially the thank you card bit. I also did a little bit of batch cooking in the last few weeks of my second pregnancy. Relatively easy things – generally sauces for pasta or soups. It made life so much easier. x
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