3 weeks old


Somehow, 3 whole weeks have flown by in a sort of sleep deprived milk feeding whirlwind.  How the heck did that happen?  Little Baby E has grown out of all of Little Zs newborn clothes as well as all of his own and is now looking slightly dwarfed in 0 to 3 months.  There is no in between though so, for now, he has plenty of room to kick about and look like a failed Houdini baby as his arms and legs look like they’re half escaping his babygros.

We are all a bit sleep deprived and delirious but the weeks are fast flying by and he’ll be a whole month old in a few weeks.  We still study him daily and comment how he’s changed all over again, not having a clue who he really looks like, yet pouring over photos of Little Z and saying “ah yes, don’t they look so similar?”.  

I think this next week will be our first week peeking out through the baby bubble we find ourselves in.  The Other Half goes back to work and I at least have to get Little Z ready for school as we have a bit of help with the school run for a few days yet.  The big brother that always wants to hold the baby and isn’t phased one bit when he’s screaming at the top of his well formed lungs.  He simply deploys Ewan the dream sheep or will shush the baby with all the patience in the world.   There is still a lot of impatience at how Baby E can’t actually do anything yet.  Why can’t he play football?  When can he play football?  Luckily Sarah and Duck and Bing provide a distraction away from the baby brother whose social life consists of sleeping a lot and drinking a lot of milk. 

Little E continues to give off a calm vibe.  As everyone says, he will change a lot yet and his personality will come through.  My gut instinct says he is going a much calmer soul than his brother.  Time will tell. 

It feels like an eternity ago that he came along to join us, not just 3 weeks.  Sleep is very much missed right now and I’m fully aware a whole nights sleep is probably far far away right now.  There’s a tiny deluded part of me that still hopes it comes along within the next few weeks. That would be just lovely! 

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