A Month Old

Little E is now an entire month old and I’m not sure how the weeks have flown by already.   We are very much in the feed, sleep and change nappy cycle and we spend more than a few days a week in dressing gowns and pjs.   I realised today that I only seem to go out properly about once a week, when I’m chauffeured about by the Other Half.  For now, it’s lovely but I do miss driving a lot.  Another few weeks and I’ll be back behind that wheel. 

At one month old Little E still seems a calm cool baby. Nappy changes and babygrow changes are the work of evil though. He will scream the entire house down until those poppers are shut again. Then calm cool baby resumes once more.  The neighbours who really don’t really like babies at all are probably hating us right about now.

I think we’ve hit that wall of tiredness.  The one where you walk about like a zombie and spend the entire day thinking about where your next nap is going to come from.  Second time is easier in a way but it still hits you like a tonne of very tired bricks.  And when playtime is 10 till 2am each night it’s hard to keep up with our little party animal night after night.

I know each month will fly by at super lightning speed so this time round I’m not going to wish the months away impatiently wanting him to start playing or sitting up or crawling.  The baby bubble, for all its tiredness and zombieness, is rather nice. 

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28 thoughts on “A Month Old”

  1. That is an adorable photo. You are right, the months do fly by, but you are recording it here, so you get to keep the memories for a lifetime (especially the ones that are lost from sleep deprivation!) xx
    Ojo Henley recently posted…My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

  2. Oooh you tease, with those cheeky little feet peering out, but no gorgeous face shot. Gosh the tiredness, I think after 4 years the pain of that is still burned into my brain, its so hard! Good luck getting through the tired phase, but enjoy the beautiful cuddles while you have them!
    Katrina x #mysundayphoto
    Katrina Chambers recently posted…#MySundayPhoto – An autumnal WalkMy Profile

  3. dont care how many babies you have, you do forget how truly awful the first six weeks are, just how unbelievably tired you become and yet you still just about manage to function.
    Four weeks old and as cute as a button makes it all woth while though.

  4. Take your time. With Matty, I think I hibernated for about six months and I don’t regret a single minute. We were in a dream-like sleepy state and it was rather lovely. Keep yourself fed, watered and watch lots of TV and indulge in sleepy cuddles. The outside world will wait x
    Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely recently posted…This faceMy Profile

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