Discoveries Little Z has made at school – The Reception Years


We’re almost at the end of the first half term of school and it’s been a bit of a learning curve for all of us I think. Little Z started off very impatient to go and have a lot of new friends. He then had a bit of a big wobble after a couple weeks once he realised school was a permanent thing, unlike nursery where he only went 2 or 3 days a week. I think we’re all thankfully mostly settled now with fewer wobbly days but finding out what the heck Z does in school all day is still a bit of a mystery. 

 If it wasn’t for the daily letters and monthly parent meetings we get from school I think we’d wander about completely in the dark about his day. We know there is a whole load of jolly phonics right now and a whole lot of reading. We’re all now learning phonics too.   There are S-S-Snakes and A-A-Ants…and so on.  There is also a WOW box, a place you can tell the teachers if your child did something special at home, little things like getting their own breakfast, dressing themselves completely, helping out with a baby brother.  This new world is very interesting and proving to be a bit of a learning curve!

It doesn’t tell us the details of Zs day though, although we do get very random snippets every so often if he’s in the mood.
Here’s what Little Z has done at school so far, mostly in his own words…

On making new friends…

“I have lots of new friends.  But no girls.  There’s no girls in my class at all”

“I have a friend called Zoe.  She’s a boy”.
On enquiring how much / what he had for lunch…

“They ran out of food so I didn’t have anything”

“I can’t remember”

“I only had sweet corn. I like sweet corn”

“The big hall was shut”

“I like the dinner ladies!”

“I don’t like eating all my food”

“I got a sticker for eating all my food!”

“I sneaked out of the big hall”

“Can I have cheese wrap tomorrow?”
On the activities that happen in PE

“Look! I can do this!” [Does a few, what looks like, strange dance moves]

“I can’t remember. But my teacher only has hair on the sides but nothing on top”

“I like PE”
On reporting on the sickness of fellow classmates…

“My best friend climbed a ladder and fell off so he was poorly”. 

[On questioning him again]

“I’m just joking. He has an eye inspection”

On what he learnt…

“Nothing. I can’t remember”

“I love phonics. A-A-Ants!”

“I don’t like phonics. I played in my office”

“Shall I tell you all about combined harvesters?”

“Did you know milk comes from cows?” [falls about laughing]
I *think* it’s going well and we have parents evening this week to sit and talk about his progress and how we can help him in the evenings with his reading and phonics.  I’m not sure why I feel so nervous about it,  as if we are the ones that are being assessed.  I feel I should wash my hair and look like a presentable non-zombie mummy.

So far so good but we might be very ready for the half term holidays next week!   

21 thoughts on “Discoveries Little Z has made at school – The Reception Years”

  1. Hahaha, this is so funny! Especially as we are getting the same random remarks from Lucas…I have no idea what to believe. I hope the parents evening goes well, we have one coming up after the holidays, they always make me so nervous…I think he’s doing so well and they could burst that bubble! Sounds like he is enjoying it all though, nothing too horrible in there 🙂
    Hayley (@hayleyfromhome) recently posted…My School BoyMy Profile

  2. Oh this is too funny. We get a lot of ‘I don’t remember’ also. According to my little girl she does nothing all day and always plays on her own! We have a parents evening coming up so I am hoping it is not true!!! X
    Natalie recently posted…Urban Rural MixMy Profile

  3. Glad to hear Z is settling in well. A little wobble is nothing unusual – it’s such a big adjustment for so many kids, it’s to be expected. With our boys, we found that it was almost impossible to get details of their day out of them for pretty much the whole of the first term – chatterbox Isaac was so shattered at the end of every day that all he could manage was “fine”!
    Tim recently posted…10 things teachers say – and what they actually meanMy Profile

  4. It sounds like he is enjoying school, something I think is SO important. I remember after Cheeky Chap’s first day in reception and I was getting stuff ready for the next day he told me that he’d already been to school and wanted to do something different the next day. Oops. I really should start recording Cheeky Chap’s snippets too, he can be so funny at times. If it’s any consolation I don’t think any kid really remembers much about their day at school! x
    Rachel In Real Life recently posted…Having “Just one child”My Profile

  5. Monthly parent evening sounds a bit full on, but it’s good to be getting some info from the school. I was totally in the dark for most of the first year. Difficult to get any info out of children, or maybe that should be boys. I’ve got quite a lot of info from one of the girls in H’s class.
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