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During my pregnancy one of the lovely things I thought, and on ocassion worried, about was how Little Z would take to a brand new sibling.  Would he be ok with a new addition to the family?  Would he feel left out? Would there be jealousy and maybe some kind of regression?  He’s been the centre of our parenting universe for all of his life so it’s something that could potentially throw all of that off its axis a bit.  

Thankfully he has been a joy to watch with his little brother.  He will talk to him every chance he gets and won’t leave for school without kissing him.  In his eyes his little brother belongs to him and the enthusiasm could be bottled and sold.  On occasion that enthusiasm needs to be dialled down a bit and we regularly need to remind him to “Be CAREFUL!” but it’s something that shows sparks of a lovely bond.   There are patches of regression in his behaviour.  Nothing worrying but there are hugs in abundance right now to make sure everyone feels loved and safe and secure. 

What I never anticipated or thought of at all was that the situation works in reverse too.  Little E needs time to get to know his firecracker of a big brother.  It’s not like an instant bond of mummy and baby. I think a part of me thought it would be as Z practically shouted to or around the bump for a whole 9 months.  All that excitement and ball of energy is being thrown at E daily in large bursts and he seems to be taking it all in his stride so far, thankfully.  I would say that most of his expressions displayed at his brothers antics are wide eyed curiosity or a puzzled look of surprise at whatever Little Z is doing next.  

It’s far too early to predict what kind of relationship they’ll have but I do have visions of Little E curiously watching his older brother through the years wanting to be part of his adventures, both of them trashing the house slightly. 

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  1. What a beautiful photo! It melts my heart.
    It sounds like Z is being brilliant with his little brother. Hopefully this will continue. It reminds me of my niece with her little brother. She adores him (but hasn’t quite got the hang of gentle hugs) and he can’t take his eyes off her.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 25.10.15My Profile

  2. What a fantstic B&W image. One to be framed I think. I had similar concerns to you when my second daughter was born. I thought a son might be easier for child No.1 to adjust to as he wouldn’t be a direct threat to the relationships she had already established. Thankfully my fears we re misplaced. All was find, as I’m sure things will be with your two! #MySUndayPhoto
    John Adams recently posted…Messing around during a woodland walkMy Profile

  3. Beautiful photo – Little E does look rather puzzled by his big brother but it is so beautiful to see that sibling bond develop and grow. So glad that Little Z is adjusting so well to being a big brother and is enjoying the cuddles 🙂
    Louise recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  4. I think watching that sibling bond grow is just fascinating… and constantly surprising and heartwarming too. I remember being surprised to find that having a second child made me love my first born more, just because I loved the way he was with her. And now we’re doing it all over again and they are all building new relationships, which is just lovely. x

  5. Oh my goodness that is such a beautiful photo!! I am sure they will have a wonderful relationship but like most sibling there will be days where they go from being the best of friends to the worst of enemies. They do look very cute together
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…A special space to playMy Profile

  6. gorgeous photo, son no 2 was 4 when his baby brother was born and he literally carried him everywhere including lifting him out of his cot and carrying him downstairs, baby was still sleeping and he scared the living daylights out of me
    chickenruby recently posted…Halloween with HDYGG?My Profile

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