Things you should know about the Snuzpod

Review of the SnuzPod2

We have been lucky enough to review the very beautiful SnuzPod2 from the Little Green Sheep company. Its something I was admiring for a while whilst I was pregnant with Little Baby E so when the opportunity came along I pretty much jumped at it (as much as horrible SPD pain would allow jumping that is!).

I’ve also done my very first VLOG for the blog where I talk about the Top 5 things I liked about the SnuzPod. Once I’m feeling brave enough I may even do a blog post showing you the outtakes. Maybe.

Its So Pretty!
One of the things that had me constantly admiring the SnuzPod 2 is that its just so pretty. It’s pretty big and aimed at the 0-6 months age range. Baby E was a dinky baby at 5lb 120z so I think he’ll last in it slightly longer unless he suddenly has a few substantial growth spurts and becomes some kind of giant baby. It’s very sturdy on its frame but easy enough to pull about on our wooden floors. We chose one in a natural pine type colour as it went perfectly with our bedroom. Other colours available are Eco-white, Dove Grey and Espresso (a very dark brown).

It can be used 3 ways
The great thing about the SnuzPod2 is that you can use it in 3 different ways.

1) As a standalone crib. We’ve used it as a standalone crib quite a lot and it works perfectly with the mesh window as it lets me see whether the baby is asleep or having a bit of a fidget. It also means that, once sat up, I can adjust the positioning of it straight from my bed.
2) As a bedside crib – One of the SnuzPod2’s key features is that it can be attached to the main bed (both standard framed and divan) using the straps provided. The mesh window can then be zipped down (and back up again!) and it’s particularly useful if you want to feed the baby from the bed.
3) As a bassinet – The top half of the SnuzPod2 can be lifted off the base and carried around the house. I haven’t been as adventurous as to take it my mums on a big baby break yet but I think its doable. Just about!!

You can get a very comfortable mattress with it
The mattress is an optional extra and we got it included to review in our SnuzPod2 and it is SO comfortable. I remember with Little Z going through a couple of mattresses for his moses basket as he just wouldn’t settle and I had a feeling his mattress was contributing to it. Of course Baby E has nights where he’d rather be attached to me than his crib but the mattress is evidently one of very good quality and definitely adds to slightly better sleep for all of us. You can also get a mattress protector which we really liked and fitted sheets (We used our own).

You can adjust the height of the SnuzPod2
I love this as, at my 5 foot nothingness, the Other Half has set it to the height I like. We don’t have that option with the cot so it’s always slightly challenging once we lower the mattress to the bottom level. We have it on the second highest right now as a standalone crib. Having had a c-section about 3 weeks ago its a little important thing which saves me bending over too much.

For a full review of what we liked about the SnuzPod2 here’s my first video review. (If you’d like to leave some very nice comments then please do!)

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