Baby E at 11 weeks – The one with the lost voice

The entire family has been struck down with coughs and colds and a sucky bug over the last week and poor Baby E has lost his voice.

It’s bizarre (and a little bit cute) to see a baby crying and calling out with no voice coming out.  After a few days of a high fever the GP checked him over to rule out anything more sinister and, luckily, it’s just viral so I’m hoping we have a loud baby once more in a few days time.  I also get the feeling that the school germs will make their way to our house a few more times over the next year.  We were extremely lucky and got away with the majority of them in nursery.  Still, I guess this means we should have steely immune systems by the end of next summer!

I am now having my turn and extensively feeding my cold and cough to stave it off.  My choice of entertainment for the baby when he doesn’t sleep this week has been to switch the torch on my iPhone on and perform an amateur shadow puppets show on the ceiling for him.  I’ve never seen an 11 week old baby SO entertained.  I’m trying not to get him too used to this nightly performance but during a week where we’ve all felt like rubbish it was the perfect thing.  I will now be searching for one of those baby light gadget show thingies.  They seem like a very good investment, plus I keep almost blinding myself with the iPhone torch. 

The Other Half and I have realised this week that Baby E has a favourite family member and it’s neither of us. It’s his big brother.  I’m pretty sure he used to be terrified of very loud Z a few weeks back but he’s becoming immune to his boisterous nature now and no longer startles whenever Z bursts into the room.  He’s now more like a little owl following him about the room with his ever observant eyes.  Little Z is still desperate for his baby brother to grow up but I think he’s slowly accepting that a tiny baby has a certain number of limitations for the time being.  I think he’s going to be quite pleased to hear that teething is not too far away.  The lack of them is one of biggest concerns.   I’m sure there’ll come a point where they’ll completely get on each other’s nerves but I do like watching their slightly too tight squishes for now. 


18 thoughts on “Baby E at 11 weeks – The one with the lost voice”

  1. What a lovely photo and so lovely to read how much E likes his big brother!
    Sorry to hear everyone has been ill this week and hope you are all on the mend now.
    Would you believe my daughter (who is 9 and doesn’t possess her own iPhone) showed me how to use the torch on my phone the other week? It’s been revolutionary for me! The lights in my bedroom are really rubbish, so I use it all the time now!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 6.12.15My Profile

  2. baby E looks older than 11 weeks in that photo! he is gorgeous and it is so lovely the bond between him and Z – it must make your heart swell with love and mummy pride!
    so sorry you have all been unwell , I hope you are soon all back to normal. better to get it out of the way before Christmas xx
    Jenny Paulin recently posted…Project 365, 2015. Week 48My Profile

  3. Lovely to see the brothers getting on so well! Hope you all feel better soon! Bee has a cold too but luckily so far the rest of us have escaped it (except my parents).

    I remember the first year Munchkin started school. She had so much time off as she was constantly picking up bugs. Thankfully now she rarely gets ill!
    Foz recently posted…Project 365 – Days 333 to 339My Profile

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