Baby E at 3 months old

We’ve now reached the big milestone where our baby is now months old 3 whole months. I could probably go on and on about time has completely flown by but I won’t.  (But it SO has!).

Baby E is now at the stage of trying to shove both his hands into his mouth all at once and drool all over them constantly.  I’m now woken in the middle of the night by slurpy noises where he’s slobbering all over them.  He then spots me, remembers he wants a feed, and starts crying impatiently, usually translating roughly to “MIIIILLLLK!!! Nowwww!!!”.  He is still doing 4 hour ish blocks at a time and it is wonderful.  Obviously a 6 hour block would be even more wonderful but it could definitely be worse.  

These last couple of weeks, he’s learnt the art of starting at a stranger, without blinking.  He frowns and will simply gawk at them until he’s decided whether he likes them or not. He’ll then either reward them with a big smile or will frown a bit more and start bawling, presumably to somehow get away from them.   It was very amusing to see him with work colleagues this week, some of whom didn’t know how to react to a baby staring at them so solidly for a whole minute.  

He’s now had his jabs and had his measurements done again.  It turns out he’s quite a tall baby, which thankfully confirms I haven’t shrunk his babygros accidentally.  Apparently it’s either a growth spurt or he’ll be a tall child.  Time will tell but if it’s the latter then he’s definitely not taken after me.  The health visitors want to measure him again in a few weeks to make sure he doesn’t shoot off the growth charts.  It seems a bit odd for them to do that as I don’t have a giant looking baby of any type but ah well. For now we’re finally enjoying a few slow days without having to drag everyone up for the school run.  All 15 glorious days of it! 

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26 thoughts on “Baby E at 3 months old”

  1. He’s SO cute! Funny about E being tall. Both my wife and I are distinctly average in height, and yet two of our three have always tracked in the 90-something-th percentile. No idea where they get that from given that hardly anyone on either side of the family is over six feet!
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  2. His looks so gorgeous, with a twinkling of cheekiness in his eyes!! And what perfect time to get him sleeping for four hour blocks, so hopefully you can make the most of it during Christmas!
    Enjoy your first Christmas with Baby e, it’s going to be so special xx

  3. What a lovely photo. Wow three months! I remember things starting to come a bit clearer, dare I say it, easier at that point. Honestly I can’t remember much of Little E being a baby because the time did fly so quickly, suddenly I have a little lady running around. Have a great Christmas x

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