Bombing Syria. Thoughts of an ordinary Muslim mum


Last night Parliament decided, by a majority vote, that adding to the list of countries already bombing Syria, with the sole aim of wiping out ISIL/ Daesh was the perfect Way forward.  Britain joining this campaign will make them the sixth country.  MPs even cheered when the decision was announced, as if they had won some kind of Saturday night pub quiz. 

After stating it wasn’t the right course of action last month, David Cameron is now determined that there is no other way at all besides to strike, going as far as to call anyone that opposes it a terrorist sympathiser.   There is no real strategy except to “wipe them out”, accepting that there’s going to be more collateral damage in the way of innocent civilians and even more refugees.  But that’s by the by for now. And somehow, we have suddenly found the money to do this. But there’s still nothing for the poor or the NHS.

It just doesn’t make any sense at all.  Does Britiain posses some kind of privileged information that will allow them to get an upper hand that 5 other countries haven’t been able to?   Is the only reason for joining in because of what happened in France?  The only vague plan to date is to blow the place to smithereens come what may.  I have seen a Syrian tragically joke about how these countries should each take a slot to bomb her country, allowing for lunch breaks.  

I’m an ordinary Muslim mum that would in no way describe myself as perfect.  I don’t pray 5 times a day, I procrastinate far too much and sometimes I think the best day ever is to sit on the couch and watch countless movies.  I’m flawed in my own unique way, as we all are.  But I still believe in God, and try to be a good person and role model for my little ones. I have two little boys that I worry about; why is my 4 year old such a fusspot when it comes to food, is he happy at school, how did he get that grazed knee? Just everyday things that affects everyone.  I also worry about them growing up as Muslims in a society where they could be targets of hate crimes, simply because there are a bunch of extremist nut jobs killing innocent people in the name of religion.   

That’s not a drop in the ocean compared to the Syrian parents watching yet another country joining in to drop even more bombs.  Innocent families and children simply wanting to go day to day going about their lives and just wanting to live.   

I do completely believe Daesh need to be stopped.  I also believe that they would have no qualms about killing a bunch of normal everyday Muslims if they came across them.  I’m convinced bombing Syria is not the way to do it, particularly when 5 other fairly large countries are doing it already.  It just doesn’t make any sense.

 One massive way is to cut off the arms supplies that is far too readily available to these groups.  The U.S.and Britain can make a massive difference here.  There is a somewhat contradictory relationship here when reading between the lines; supply the groups, bomb the groups.  Possibly when you realise the groups you were supplying and helped rise to power are now out of control.

It’s when you hear the words “reclaiming oil fields” being thrown about.  That’s when it, sadly, bombing Syria makes perfect sense. 


7 thoughts on “Bombing Syria. Thoughts of an ordinary Muslim mum”

  1. Sometimes I struggle to sleep at night thinking about all this, I just hate that this is going ahead when so many people believe so strongly it is wrong. I hate that my children are growing up in a world that seems so unjust and corrupt at times. All I think is to try and do my best to teach them kindness and tolerance, I can’t even imagine how awful it is for those ordinary Syrians knowing her another country is joining in with the bombing!
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  2. Thank you for writing this, you have managed to clear my head on this terrible subject. I too believe that war and bombs do not solve anything. I too agree that you need to cut the supplies of arms.
    I put myself in the Syrian mother’s shoes and I cry. I despair at the ignorance of it all, sold beautifully wrapped with a wonderful bow to the Great British public.
    Yes what happened in Paris was dreadful and I think has spurred this movement on.
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  3. Brilliant post, Tas. I worry so much about what kind of world will be left for our children, but those people in Syria will be wondering if their children will even live through this. It’s unimaginable and heartbreaking.
    Karen Hannah (@LancsKaren) recently posted…Formby PointMy Profile

  4. Tas so so true, it makes me feel ill thinking about it all. Worrying what is ahead for our children and the people in the world that want to try to make them believe rubbish. It is all so tragic, and those Mums of Syria putting their children to bed at night with fear in their hearts, its just not how our world should be. x
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