Things we did in 2015 (and some things we didn’t!)

At the start of the year I wrote a post about all the things I’d love to do in 2015. It was filled with foodie adventures with a few holidays thrown in. That pretty much sums up most of my life, although the holiday bit is mostly dreaming. The surprise pregnancy threw all our plans happily out the window and the year took a whole new course of its own where it was mostly filled with me complaining about my achey back and bones and shuffling about from place to place.

But its always nice to look back and reflect over the year that’s gone by and these are the things we did in 2014…

Finding a biscuit factory!
I never did go on the Cadburys world tour or a crisp factory tour and I think I really should bump those things onto my 2016 list. I DID, however, find a biscuit factory near us thanks to my sister in law hearing about it from one of her friends. It makes biscuits for all sorts of places including Fortnum and Mason and Harrods. When she asked me what it was like I looked at her a bit speechless. BISCUIT factory?? One mere humans can go to and buy BISCUITS?! I discovered their very very very nice factory shop and ran the serious risk of buying everything in the place for a fraction of the price. They are pretty delicious and I now have to stop myself from visiting even monthly for a stock up.

Teach Little Z how to read
Little Z has only been at school for about 10 weeks and its amazing how much he has learnt. We have been immersed in the world of jolly phonics and blending and he is now at the stage of reading simple words and stories and sounding out absolutely everything he sees. The weekly spelling tests, albeit a pain in the bum at first, has really helped cement his understanding of how words are formed. I’m hoping the next year brings a growing love of more complex reading but so far, so wow.

Getting Little Z into the school of our choice.
This had to be one of the most daunting decisions I’ve made for Little Z but I’m so glad I picked where I did. So far, anyway! It’s a very caring school with very caring teachers. In our house, there is never the threat of Santa is watching, there is always the “Miss S would love it if you had a few more bites of that”. He is in love with all his teachers and keyworkers which is lovely to see. He’s also made a whole bunch of new “best friends”. Having said all that, he is REALLY looking forward to FOURTEEN whole days off school. But then so are we. School is tiring!

We didn’t make it to the Northern Lights. We decided it would probably not be suitable for a four year old and I agreed I would probably spend the entire time complaining about how cold I was. It’s definitely still on our list but probably for when the boys are much much older. So Mauritius was booked instead and what an amazing holiday it was. It has some of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen and it is just so family friendly and I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to visit. Everything from the food to the sight-seeing to the amazing safari. I was too chicken to walk with the lions but it does look like a fantastic experience

Discovering more of Yorkshire and Lancashire
We did a lot of this including discovering and visiting Bettys for the very first time. It’s definitely a place that needs to be visited more frequently than just annually. Next year I plan on taking many more photos of discovering little hidden away places. I found out this year that JRR Tolkien used to frequent the beautiful fields nearby and admire the views whilst writing his very famous Lord of the Rings. Rumour has it he based some of the shire on what he saw. I can see those fields from my house and we’ve been on plenty of drives around the little villages. I think I need to do it again and pay closer attention this time!

Drive around Scotland
We never quite managed this. After our trip to Mauritius and Dubai I had to work straight through to the start of my maternity leave. I think we might attempt another trip up to glorious Edinburgh during the easter holidays. I’ve never been to Glasgow so I think maybe a detour there would be pretty lovely.

Edinburgh golden mile
Edinburgh golden mile

Treating Little Z a lot before he started school
We did plenty of that and pretty much stuffed our faces full of cake and ice cream. We’ve now worked out how to nicely slot it in after school at least once a week in between all the spellings and the reading time. So we’re still exploring lots of nice treats. And long may it continue!

Ice cream cone
Ice cream cone

These are just some of the things we did in 2015. There are a heck of a lot we didn’t get round to doing, but that’s ok as I think anyone’s year rarely pans out the way they planned. We had plenty of curveballs this year, one in the shape of Baby E and it was probably one of the best curveballs ever. And of course I will be creating a “Things I’d love to do in 2016” soon!

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  1. Oh gosh that ice cream looks good! Glad school has gone so well. Monkey loved phonics when started but it’s only been this year that reading has really started to click here. Got married in Mauritius the first time around but not had the chance to revisit in the last 22 years, great to hear it’s family friendly though for future plans x
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