Gousto food box review – Delicious family friendly recipes

Gousto is a company that let you pick ingredients and recipes for delicious meals directly to your door. The concept is a very simple one. You go onto the Gousto website, pick the dishes you would like to cook, pick the date you’d like the ingredients delivered and checkout with the whatever you have placed in your basket. You then sit back and wait for the ingredients and recipe cards to be delivered to your door and off you go. We did a Gousto food box review recently and it was delicious.

Picking from the Gousto Menu

You can select for dinners for 2 or 4 people on the Gousto website and then start browsing from the huge selection they have. We reviewed the 3 meal box and opted for 3 vegetarian dishes; Courgette pasta, beetroot risotto and a black bean curry. As you can see, the dishes are varied and the menu ranges from very simple classic dishes to more complex recipes for the more adventurous diners. There is a whole range to choose from and it varies from chicken to lamb to fish and other specialities. I’ve noticed the menu does change every so often, presumably to keep up with the seasons and provide fresh high quality ingredients at all times. The website even gives suggestions that week, kind of like their specials board and they always look really appetising so I think the hardest part is trying to choose what you’ll finally put into your basket.

Gousto food box review

Gousto food box review 2

Delivery and Recipes

The delivery came nice and neatly packed in special bags. some of which are reusable, so I think, if you were out, your neighbour could easily keep it for you for a few hours.


The recipe cards included are simple to follow and take you step by step through the whole thing. There are also pictures along the way demonstrating what to do so you can’t get lost or get anything very wrong. I am not the most accurate of cooks and even I didn’t get anything hugely wrong.


What we thought


A Gousto box is a great idea if you want to expand your skills a bit. I would never think to put beetroot into risotto, grated at that, but its a very nice combination and not tart at all. I also would never have thought that just courgette with pasta sheets would make a nice meal but it was so delicious I’ve made this one about 3 times after that. The ingredients are so fresh and I love how the box comes so nicely organised. I’m not the neatest of cook and, for someone who loves eating, I don’t actually like cooking very much. So this is so good for people like me. Everything is pretty much laid out for you and you just need to follow the recipe cards. There is no effort needed in finding ingredients or having to take time to prep anything.

A Gousto box is not something I would choose to get on a weekly basis but I do think it would make a lovely treat every so often or an excellent present for someone who may be recovering from illness or surgery at home. Having had a baby not long ago I think it would make a lovely present for someone who’s finding it difficult to pop out for some food and needs a nice little pick me up. They are a little more pricey than if you sourced all the ingredients yourself but it’s worth the price to get a whole box of recipes and ingredients arrive straight to your door.

This is a Gousto food box review. We were provided with a Gousto box of ingredients and recipe cards to review. All opinions and taste testing are honest and my own.

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  1. I like to pick my own veg so I never do online grocery shopping. However, I like the idea of trying one or two of these box schemes to get some recipe inspiration. I love cooking but I do get stuck in a rut. That beetroot dish looks ace!

  2. Great review! I’m always looking for new things to try out and this looks great! Thanks for sharing, I’m off to check it out! Suz x beauisblue.com

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