The judgey couple

On a recent lunch date with a lovely friend we decided it would be nice to drive into the depths of Yorkshire and visit a pretty little place in a pretty little hamlet.  It was a place she’d discovered on her travels. It looked more than 500 years old, had a huge open fire and made those delicious home cooked meals that people were obviously travelling far and wide for.  It also looks very popular with couples and groups in the week days.   One of those couples were seated across from us and saw us arrive with a buggy and baby in tow.

They must have been late 60s and looked like they were staring for a brief while at us then discussing their observations with each other.  They looked back over and observed some more, eyeing up the baby, the buggy and back to the baby.  Uh oh.  I hoped Baby E would behave himself.  Of course he read my mind and started grizzling to be let out at once so he could have a good nosey at everything.  Thankfully he was most pleased at escaping his car seat, his little head darting about like a meerkat.  The couple looked over again.  Arrrgh. 

Eventually I caught the lady’s eye and she opened her mouth to say something.  Uh oh, what could it be that had her starting at the baby so much?  She opened her mouth and it all came out…

“We just can’t stop staring at your buggy! The things they can do these days.  Those wheels and that car seat with the air bags!”

All this time they had been amazed by the advances in travel systems.  They hadn’t been bothered or paranoid by the baby one bit!  They commented on how good he was and we talked about how old he was, if he was good generally, friendly baby chit chat. Mr stare a lot briefly reminisced about parenting their own brood many years ago.  They left with one last look at the baby and the travel system they were so fascinated by.  

So, the moral of this mini story is that, more often than not, those you think that are judging you, aren’t judging you.  Or your baby.  In fact, sometimes they’re admiring something you never even thought would attract any attention.  So enjoy the long overdue chat with your friend wholeheartedly, as well as your sticky toffee pudding with the hot caramel sauce. 



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38 thoughts on “The judgey couple”

  1. I love this story. I’m really understanding at the moment m that people are generally good, it’s a shame not so nice people are the ones that only seem to get any air time. Thank you for sharing this lovely encounter. Cake looks fantastic too xx

  2. That is an awesome story (i agree, all too often mom’s are quick to feel judged and get offended), but an even awesome-er looking dessert! I love hot fudge brownie sundaes and it looks like the caramel is bubbling.
    Brooke recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  3. A jealousy-inducing photo and a great story. I think if we’re feeling uneasy about whether our children will behave, we’re sort of on guard, waiting for people to pass judgement. How funny that they were talking about the buggy though!

  4. how lovely of them. I’m afraid I shy away from engaging people when out with their babies as there is an assumption that us adults without kids are going to judge and so often the parent with the child isolates themselves from possible conversation just in case the other adult is going to be judgemental
    chickenruby recently posted…My Sunday Photo – Week 56My Profile

  5. If I was there I’d be staring at your delicious looking pudding! I was all ready there for a depressing post so am glad it all turned out well – I bit the travel systems are super whizzy now compared to when my two were ickle!
    76sunflowers recently posted…Project 366 2016 #3My Profile

  6. Oooh sticky toffee pudding… my favourite.
    I had a similar little story from many years ago when my daughter (who is now 30) was a tiny tot in her pushchair. An old lady was walking along side for quite some way even though I tried to move across to let her pass etc. She then stopped me… I wondered what she would say and she just congratulated me on doing such a great job… having my daughter so well dressed, clean and myself looking well groomed, so early in the morning. She said she knew that wasn’t easy and it takes such a lot of effort to do that.
    I was completed taken by surprise… and remember it so well to this day. Kind words indeed to a struggling new Mum. I always try to do similar if I get a chance.
    Thanks for bringing back that great memory! (sorry I’ve nattered on here) ;D
    Neesie recently posted…My Sunday Photo… MelbourneMy Profile

  7. Aw this is a lovely story and I must admit I feel this way about travel systems as its been 10 years since I last had a baby and things have moved on so much in that time, so no wonder they were staring in awe. Bless them x

  8. This has made me want to run out and buy sticky toffee pudding! Haha, you are so right though I think we always jump to defend our own insecurities before thinking it through. I have a friend who is a young single mum and she always worries about what people think of her, I’ve told her most of her worries are the same things I worry about yet most of the time people don’t even bat an eyelid!
    Hayley (@hayleyfromhome) recently posted…Little Adventurer – Boy’s BedroomMy Profile

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