The nearly 4 month sleep regression

The first time with Z I didn’t realise there was such a thing as the 4 month sleep regression.  He slept so terribly I’m not sure I really saw much difference.  He was my cuckoo clock baby, waking every 2 hours without fail.  I was like a grumpy zombie for months and months.  I never ever slept the same way ever again. In contrast, Baby E has been a huge sleepy blessing.  He doesn’t sleep through but he does do a 5 or 6 hour stretch some nights and it’s bliss. Of course there are are terrible, grumpy, zombie inducing nights too, but this time round, Baby Es 4 month sleep regression isn’t too bad… Just yet.  

Maybe it’s that I just don’t sleep the same post Z, or maybe it’s that a 5 hour stretch is an ok block for a couple of days.  Whatever it is, I really hope Baby E doesn’t decide being a jack in the box baby every couple of hours is a fun thing to do.  As he’s now discovered his voice he will shout very happily through the evening which keeps Z wondering about the kind of party E is having downstairs. It’s possible E is looking for his mentor Z in order to observe and take in his antics.  With everyone struggling to get up for anything during these wintery days there’s been some extra early nights this week, which still requires dragging little people out of bed in the mornings.  I think we’d love to be able to spend the whole of January like we did the Christmas holidays, in our pjs, but alas, it seems the year with its new resolutions has already started.  I’ve decided I will rub my eyes, stretch out my arms long and wide, cower and wince at the light and wake up properly in February.


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  1. Lack of sleep is a killer, I think I remember mine starting to wake at night again around 4 months, possibly a sign it’s time for solids? I could happily by pass January and wake up when the days are drawing out!

  2. awwww what a gorgeous photo of both your happy boys together, you can see the love they share and the brotherly bond. its lovely to see.
    sorry about the sleep – i didn’t sleep well with either of them for months and months, but i know what you mean about getting use to a good night and then the next it was back to up and down all night! fingers crossed baby E gets back i not his sleeping routine xx
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  3. I can believe how he is growing, he is adorable. Such a lovely photo, Jack regressed after 8 months I remember feeling so smug that we had cracked it he slept from 7pm till 7 am them bang no sleep for 5 years, I kids you not. I was so strict when Joe came along. We were determined to not go through what we went through with Jack x
    Sarah Christie recently posted…The Sun On A Cold Day, My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

  4. Such a lovely pic of your boys, I’m dreading the lack of sleep. O was actually a really good sleeper generally so feel we’ve been spoils first time round so are in for a rougher ride with the next. xx

  5. Lovely photo, although they don’t look very sleepy! I don’t think I’ve had a full nights sleep since my eldest was born near 18 years ago but I think you sort of get used to it and even five hours seems a lot

  6. I love this photo of them, such a sweet one. I’m so glad you are getting a good block of sleep, I always felt so much better when we got a good few hours in. When I think of what I used to consider a good nights sleep, 7 hours for me now is amazing! xx
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  7. I was hoping to top-up all my sleep ready for newborn’s arrival next week but since New Year’s Eve I have been plagued with late pregnany insomnia. It is scary and horrid. Hoping I too get a good sleeper. 5-6 hour stretches would be lovely. Ironically, with Aaron I never got the late pregnancy insomnia, but DID get the 6 hour stretches but in the early weeks of his arrival my body was too flooded with adrenaline to fully enjoy them. He’d sleep from 8 p.m. till 2 a.m. for example but it’d take me till between 11 and 12 to sleep (no matter how very tired I was) so that 2 a.m. wake up call was very tough. I remember not being able to have afternoon naps either as he was a June baby and it was just too too sunny and bright to do so. Hoping I get blessed with the ability to sleep soon. Love your post and the photo is just beautiful.

    Wow that 4 months has gone fast.

    Liska @NewMumOnline xx

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