Watching Star Wars with kids – Both little and big!

Watching star wars with kids
Watching star wars with kids

We debated watching Star Wars with kids a lot when The Force Awakens was released in the cinema. The new movie has a 12A rating and Little Z is only semi interested in the whole story set in a galaxy far far away. As he’s seen parts of some of the older movies, we decided we’d take him as long as we could stop him saying “that black guy is the baddie” constantly. So the Other Half excitedly booked tickets for Christmas Day. It would be nice and quiet on Christmas Day, especially around 3pm, right? With my brother’s family coming too with my niece, watching Star Wars with kids (both little and big) turned out to be quite an interesting experience.

Watching Star Wars with kids on Christmas Day on 3pm was definitely NOT quiet. The cinema staff behind the counters looked pretty terrified, wild eyes trying to take in the crowds they were having to deal with. The looked like they were drowning under the queues of people wanting their Star Wars cups and their Star Wars toppers to go with their Star Wars tickets. At one point the Star Wars topper toys ran out and we were presented with a Donald Duck. The big kids looked gutted at not getting a BB8 topper, the little kids whooped with joy!

Then everyone’s 3D glasses in the big IMAX screen started to go a bit funny during the trailers. Most people started to polish the glass whilst the stranger next to me took it the next level, leaping out of his seat and asking me if I could watch his kids whilst he got his glasses sorted at the counter. It turned out one of the IMAX projectors was broken and I really felt for the poor usher that had to break the news. You could have heard a pin drop with the stunned silence. Then there was angry stomping out of some big kids with their light sabres, angry shouting of how hard some had avoided spoilers and little kids looking confused and bored and already needing a wee. Once the die-hard fans had calmed of this disaster, we were all transferred to a non-IMAX 3D screen Benny Hill style, promised a full refund, given new 3D glasses and the movie was finally started.

I have to admit that I already had a feeling Little Z would get bored. A week earlier he had declared Star Wars was boring and that he wanted to watch Sarah and Duck instead. I think it was the nostalgic 80s kid in the both of us that had wanted him to love is just as much as we had when we were growing up and so that, one day, as an adult he could recall being taken by his parents to watch an iconic piece of cinema. About an hour in, during a pivotal pondering moment from one of the key characters, he needed a wee desperately and then it was a bit downhill from there in terms of concentration. He and my niece then spent the remainder of the movie “whispering” to each other at deafening levels, shuffling about in their seats, and sighing a lot from being bored. I spent the remainder movie wondering if we would be Shhh’d by people around us whilst trying to concentrate on the movie. If you do want to listen to over 80% of the dialogue then watching Star Wars with fidgety kids in the cinema is probably not the best idea.

We didn’t mind all the fidgeting though and I was fully expecting the need for the loo trip halfway through, especially after a full fruit shoot was drunk in about 5 seconds flat. Watching star wars with kids, for us, turned into a memorable day for all the wrong and unexpected reasons but it’ll be a story we tell for years probably. Little Z will probably recall how he was forced to watch the force awakens and try to avoid Star Wars for many years to come. I hope not though!

If you do decide to take children with you then, without giving away any spoilers, I would say there is one bit of violence I didn’t quite want him to see and a couple of scenes that are very emotionally intense. Other than that its a fantastic movie and very much reflects the style of the old movies. It is really funny and action packed all the way through and really is not boring despite what our 5-year-old says (probably to get a reaction). If the nostalgia in you does take over then you can always take a semi interested kid and ply them with popcorn and other sugar-coated snacks. I think I wouldn’t mind Star Wars with kids all over again. This time with loo breaks right at the start!

(Concentrating right from the start!)

Watching Star Wars with Kids
Watching Star Wars with Kids

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29 thoughts on “Watching Star Wars with kids – Both little and big!”

  1. Oh that did make me chuckle! We didn’t take A as I knew she would be bored silly but took the big boys and we all enjoyed it. I loved it, it really took me back to the days of watching the original films at the cinema. A week later we were back at the cinema watching Snoopy and I have to say I would choose Star Wars every time. Happy new year lovely xx
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…Living Arrows Week 52My Profile

  2. Wow it sounds like it was quite an eventful visit to the cinema – I would have felt sorry for the usher too! I’d never have expected that it would be so busy on Christmas Day either. Glad you managed to enjoy the film in spite of the challenges and hope Little Z enjoyed the trip to the cinema too πŸ™‚
    Louise recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 03/01/16My Profile

  3. I haven’t seen it yet, it’s been sold out since it came to imax here. My brother doesn’t really care about it so his fiance and I are going if we can ever get tickets. It’s cool he kind of rode out the rest of the movie, that is a long time to sit still.
    Leslie recently posted…Silent Sunday (1/3)My Profile

  4. That made me laugh! Who would have guessed it would have been busy on Christmas Day? What a nightmare that the screen wasn’t working properly. At least Z made it to the end and you all enjoyed it, for some of the right reasons and some of the wrong reasons!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 3.1.16My Profile

  5. We introduced H to the original Star Wars back in October in preparation for the release of episode 7; to say he has become obsessed is an understatement!
    We took him & his youngest older brother to watch a couple of days before Christmas & he sat on the edge of his seat the whole way through & gasped in all the right places!!
    We loved the film too & we also love that H loves it too & we hope he’ll treasure this memory when he’s older.

  6. Love that you went on Christmas day! I might go next year and leave everyone else to the washing up:D It’s a big deal to go on the day after in the US, I remember that we did that one year! Thanks for the review of the film from a 5 year old’s point of view. My sister was asking whether it was suitable for her 5 year old so now I can let her know! Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

  7. Crikey that’s brave. N’s only just started watching films of 1.5 hours (Horrid Henry movie and similar) so there’s no way I’d take him to a non-children’s movie. I guess at least you managed to see most of it. I’ve not seen any others since I was a teen and saw the first 3.

    Happy new year
    Emma T recently posted…My Sunday Photo – Burton DassettMy Profile

  8. Wow I didn’t even realise that cinemas would be open on Christmas Day. Good job my hubby didn’t know either otherwise he would have been there too. He went to the Imax for the first time to watch the new Star Wars, and he said it was amazing, so I can imagine the uproar from the die hard fans. Sounds a good afternoon out to escape the house. I might look into that for next year x

  9. I wouldn’t think of going to the Cinema on Christmas Day and didn’t realise it would be that busy. It is a big film though. What a pain that the projector was broken. It sounds like you made the most of it, despite the troubles along the way. I hope that you are able to watch it again one day, so that you can hear the whole of the dialogue πŸ™‚ Happy New Year!
    Bek Dillydrops recently posted…My Sunday Photo – Lego and SkittlesMy Profile

  10. It’s funny but I didn’t even realise that they would be open on Christmas Day! I have to say that someone behind us had a small child and it drove us mad! I guess we should have gone later if we didn’t want that though. That said, we LOVED it but Grace admitted to be a little bored. I guess cinema has come a long way since our youth!! #mysundayphoto
    Verily Victoria Vocalises recently posted…Birthday WishesMy Profile

  11. I have to admit it wouldn’t occur to me to go to the movies on Christmas Day, but as someone who loves the cinema, the idea quite appeals πŸ™‚ I took the boys to see Star Wars on Friday, at last! I absolutely loved it (I’m a bit of a die-hard fan) and the boys did too. I agree about the moments you allude to though for younger children, especially for kids that haven’t seen Episodes 4, 5 and 6 and so have no exposure or context.

    Wishing you a very happy new year a wonderful 2016 xx
    Sara | mumturnedmom recently posted…Sunday Photo: 3 January 2016My Profile

  12. We went on Christmas Eve and loved it, although Jack came out and said I didn’t get that ha ha. But overall we loved the movie. I bet the Cinema didn’t expect to be so busy Christmas Day, but hey why not go to the cinema then. There were lots of great trailers too I cant wait till the BFG it looks so fab x
    Sarah Christie recently posted…A Family Walk, My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

  13. Sounds like an eventful trip to the cinema, glad you enjoyed it though. I can’t believe it was busy on Christmas Day, I wouldn’t have even thought it would have been open. Mr E went to watch it the other day but I literally would rather watch paint dry, luckily Mads isn’t into it! x

  14. Little A has seen episodes 4-6 and loved them, but I held back taking her to see the latest as I wasn’t sure. Me and the other half went to see it and loved it though. I am a big Star Wars fan! Happy New Year! X Ps. this is Older Mum in a Muddle.
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  15. My husband took our three older kids in between Christmas and New Year. I really wish we’d all gone now as I’m sure my six year olds would have loved it – eagerly awaiting DVD/rental now! Christmas Day was an inspired choice, I’d never have thought of doing that (and kind of wish I had!).

  16. Haha.. sounds like quite an adventure! I would have thought Christmas Day would have been quiet too! Mine are 2 and 4 so I think we’ll sit this one out although it sounds like a lot more fun (for me!) than the Snoopy movie I took them to last week.

  17. Haha, oh dear, at least you did get to see it. I would have thought Christmas day would be so quiet, obviously everyone else did too! Lucas quite likes the old films but we thought the cinema would be a bit much, plus we really just wanted to watch it ourselves, selfishly, haha. We will let him watch it when it’s on DVD though. I love that Z will have this story to tell when he’s older like we do about the first time we saw Star Wars!
    Hayley (@hayleyfromhome) recently posted…Wild OnesMy Profile

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