Watching the siblings

I’m pretty sure I’ve made a firm discovery over the last few weeks.  I’ve joked about it before but I’m now certain that Baby Es favourite person isn’t either of his parents.  It’s his big brother.  He will allow himself to be hugged and squished pretty firmly and will generously shower his big brother with lots of hugs, now grabbing onto him as his grasp improves during the big 4 month leap babies go through.   It’s been a week of a lot of hugs and cooing, some for mum and dad, the majority for little Z.   Little Z still wants to drag his baby brother around the playground showing him off to everyone.  Even the dinner ladies get a regular viewing now.

There’s been hard attempts at trying to roll over.  He tries very hard but is only able to manage about half way whilst his little owl head will turn all directions to locate his older sibling.  I get the feeling a full roll may not be too far away and that of course means growing an extra pair of eyes and hands.  This time though, I do have little Mother hen Z who happily runs about after him and showering cuddles whether the baby wants them or not.  It’s also the start of me losing, what feels like, all my hair.  I was a bit shocked when it happened after Z, not realising this was one of the post pregnancy joys that all women go through.  This time I’m just sad to see my shiny hair go, in clumps!  I should strongly consider the Sinead O’Connor bald look at the rate it’s falling out (and going grey!).  Baby E is always either covered in it or is trying to put a newly discovered strand in his mouth.  Lucky for me, my little helper makes sure Baby Es tightly curled hands are hair free. 

This phase is lovely.  I’m sure once Baby E is on the move he will become more irritating to his big brother as he makes a swipe for all his toys and Lego bits.  It’ll also mean moving a lot of things and putting them out of reach of tiny hands. So for now, I’ll enjoy watching them together and snapping one too many photos.  


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31 thoughts on “Watching the siblings”

  1. Oh what a gorgeous photo and one that is stunning in B&W. I think you may be right, LIttle E is in love with his big brother this photo captures it so well. I often used to think the same about my boy and his older sister, too – it’s lovely that there’s such a strong sibling bond between them
    tracey at Mummyshire recently posted…Black & White Photo Project #24My Profile

  2. Sweet. My diva absolutely adores her big brother… It really is a joy to watch… And means that sometimes I can grab a quick shower while he is “babysitting”

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