Poodini and the first roll

At 19 weeks, Baby E has done his first roll this week.  He’s been trying really really hard for about a week now and he suddenly managed it after a fair bit of trying to pull his weight over.  This is the age I started writing about Z over five years ago and I can suddenly see a bit of a difference in their personalities.   Z has always been impatient to do everything quickly right from when I was pregnant.  It used to feel like he was always trying to break out of my womb and he’s been in a rush every since.  E seems to be a lot calmer with a sort of chilled out personality.  When Z rolled over he was in a rush to get moving straight away.  E, on the other hand, hasn’t bothered rolling since. It’s almost as if “rolling over, check!  I’ll just lie here and try to eat my feet now”.    It’s fascinating to watch his personality emerge and a bit wonderous to see that parts of their character and nature are formed even before they are born.  

It’s also been a week of poo. Lots and lots of poo.  Pooing up ones back, to be precise.  I know it’s all related to teething and will probably go on for a few more weeks but I’ve been trying everything so that he’s not leaking into his clothes constantly and nothing is working.  This little poodini somehow manages to get it up his back no matter what.   We have gone up a nappy size, changed nappies, listened out for squelching noises and moved faster than a ninja, and still.  Poodini manages to still get it into his vest. And he always looks very happy about it too.  We are now trying double nappies and so far so good.  It’s been about 24 hours so far.  

I’ve realised how much I dress him in babygros even at 4 months.  I suppose I should put little boy clothes on him a lot more but babygros are just so cute. They really don’t stay little for too long so I’m just going to do it until he’s walking.  Ok, a bit before that.  Plus I’ve brought about a million of them so I should make the most of it. 

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36 thoughts on “Poodini and the first roll”

  1. That face is so gorgeous! I would definitely forgive the poos for those smiles 🙂
    It’s interesting that E is now at the age Z was when you started blogging. I find it amazing how children in the same families can have such different personalities, but they definitely do!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Project 366 Week 5My Profile

  2. Oh look at him! He’s so lovely. I remember Pheebs being a bit of a poodini as well. She’d only go every few days so stored it up and released it in a big poonami!

  3. Keep him in babygroes – i love seeing babies i them and i kept mine in theirs until 6 months almost every day. As you say they do not stay young for long and they don’t do much other than lie around, dribbling and posing and feeding so a babygroe is perfect attire lol! He is gorgeous x
    Jenny Paulin recently posted…Project 366, 2016. Week 5My Profile

  4. Oh, I don’t miss those poo-up-the-back days! But it is wonderful to see how the boys’ personalities are already distinctly different. Ours were the same – as the second, Toby was much more chilled and laid back than his high-maintenance brother. Six years on, nothing’s changed!

  5. Oh that smile! Well done him for rolling over. My daughter was the one who rolled and then instantly tried to pull herself forward. My son just wanted to walk (and did at 9 months!)

  6. He is soooo gorgeous! I do not miss those poonami’s. I never understood why it ended up absolutely everywhere!

    With my oldest, I used to make sure he had a new outfit on every day. With my youngest, he practically lived in babygrows until he was well over a year!

    Laura x x x

  7. That is a gorgeous picture, beautiful boy! Ah yes, I remember the poo all over the vests stage well. I hope you manage to escape it soon! I dressed my son in babygrows for a while, too, as it was so much easier to change those as he was very sick with reflux and they do look very comfortable. As you say, they don’t stay little for long, so enjoy it 🙂 x
    The Reading Residence recently posted…The Pocket Notebook BoxMy Profile

  8. I think seeing a personality difference is one of the really fun things about having two. With Lily I wasn’t sure if it was ‘her’ or something all babies did when she did something new but with Leo I had Lily for comparison so I could see what was down to personality. I loved it. That’s a great photo too!

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