The perfect family holiday (with some imperfect moments!)

When I was 8 years old, my parents took my two brothers and I out of school on a 3 month trip of India. My dad wanted to show us all the best sites and we toured the North of India and saw some amazing sites. There was the Taj Mahal in all its splendor and glory. Oh so white in the gleaming sunshine and not just white but different shades of white, depending on how the sun was shining that day. Who knew marble could give off so many atmospheric looks and feels to one grand building that was already so majestically built. Being 8 though, I, err, was rather bored. I kept asking when we’d leave and saying how hungry I was. I only appreciated the wonder of this monument about 10 years after visiting it. I was rather more taken by Jaipur. The pink city and its fantastically busy streets. And of course I loved the food. Because, I do love food a bit too much. that bit never changed.

I think that may have shaped the person I am today. Today I love nothing more than planning our next holiday to somewhere where we can not only appreciate a lot of quality family time, but to learn about the place we are going to; to see awe-inspiring sights, to admire the architechture and customs of the country and to work our way through the very best of the cuisine. Of course, things go wrong all the time. Like the time none of our transfers arrived in Malaysia as they’d all been accidentally booked for the wrong month. Or like the time we got left at Istanbul airport because we were still waiting for our buggy to come out of baggage check. These moments are some of the best (after the holiday!). The ones we tell stories about for time to come.

These days, my perfect holiday is a mish mash of the wonderful and the teeny things go a bit wrong. The perfect holiday nowadays can have…

A ride on the most rickety of buses where 20p will get us around the entire local area. As long as we hold on for dear life whilst trying to take a family selfie that’s not too blurry. Then nodding profusely when the bus conductor asks if you’re ok as you nonchalantly try not to show him you’re sat with both legs and arms rammed up against any kind of support you can find.

Amazing architectural structures. Whether that be modern architecture showing off the latest in talented designers or architectural greats of days gone by.


Lots of moments to watch the boys
Holidays are that one time I feel like I’ve stopped and taken a deep breath. Where things stop and you really get to enjoy time. Time to sit. Time to read and get lost into a good book. Time to watch the waves on a sandy beach and wonder about where you want your life to go. And time to sit and watch my boys together and appreciate all that I have.




Moments of trying to get your kid excited in all the beautiful scenery. Eventually giving up trying to convince him that it is all so wonderful and letting him be excited by the helicopter that’s flying over.


New friendships

Malaysia fish


Lots of sweets moments



And lots of moments where you just wish they’d get a move on!


And lastly, amazing, amazing food!

I’m a complete foodie and when I’m not eating I’m usually thinking about or talking food. One of the best things about going on holiday, in my eyes, is half about the food. The local cuisine, the street food, the hotel dishes, the buffets, the cakes. Oh, the cakes! There are days when I could simply just work my way through eating places. If only there was a holiday where that’s all you did.

Istanbul markets (2)

Turkish bread


With Baby E now at almost 5 months old, we’ve started thinking about our next adventure where he’ll get to join in. He may only get to pivot on his belly mission impossible 1 style, shout at the top of his voice and do 360 rolls when he gets a bit too excited, but it’ll be amazing to see the world through another little boys eyes.

We’ve done a little video of some of our best moments from our last holiday. Our mish mash of perfectly imperfect.

This post is our entry to the Mark Warner Holidays #markwarnermum competition under the creative writing category. If you’d like to enter then check out the T&Cs here.

26 thoughts on “The perfect family holiday (with some imperfect moments!)”

  1. Loved the video! Can’t believe that’s all from one holiday, some great memories there. I think maybe my favorite holiday would have something to do with food too x

  2. That video is lovely Tas, it’s amazing all the things that Z has already seen. What fantastic experiences and I would love to see you be a Mark Warner Mim. I love to read your holiday posts and adventures and now you have two little boys to enjoy it all with too xx
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…Living Arrows 7/52My Profile

  3. Oh what a wonderful post Tas. What an amazing trip you had when you were 8 – wow, that must have been amazing! Z has had some amazing adventures and I’m sure E will have them too. Love the little video, so many great memories! Fingers crossed xxx

  4. Oh my goodness, the food! I am instantly hungry! Your holidays sound fabulous. I have only taken my eldest daughter abroad (a business trip when she was a baby), we haven’t had a family holiday abroad yet. But our holidays would definitely be similar to yours, I am always making silly little errors that result in minor disasters! The very best of luck for your Mark Warner entry.x

  5. Love the video of your memories from the last holiday – looks like you had a wonderful time. The beach looks amazing and I love the waterfall. Food is one of my favourite things about holidays and I love exploring new places and making memories with the girls 🙂

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