A bit of flapping

We’re fully into weaning now and have a little baby that really loves it. It is puréed galore right now and I’m not quite sure what he prefers, taste wise, but I do know he likes anything you put into his mouth. It’s probably a bit early to say but I think I have another little boy that has a huge sweet tooth. We’re going to attempt baby led weaning soon. He’s already loving licking fruit and brioche. Everything this month is all about licking. And drooling. And teething. There are no teeth yet though.  
Baby E is now rolling over quickly and then flapping on the spot with full vigour. He looks like he’s trying to swim on the spot and would probably propel quite nicely if I put him in a swimming pool. Everyone that sees him remarks “it won’t be long now”. I’m definitely not in a hurry though. Another month of no crawling and plenty of flapping would do me fine. I’m not sure it’ll be that long though!


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27 thoughts on “A bit of flapping”

  1. Oh look at him!! He is so gorgeous and looks like such a happy little chap. As for the moving, I remember that feeling, you really want them to do things but you don’t want to get to that stage as you know that it changes everything and you won’t be able to turn your back for a second.
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  2. What a gorgeous smile! And it’s great that he’s taking to a variety of food too. Our first two were both fussy eaters initially and have only started to really expand their horizons the last year or two.

  3. What a lovely photo, such a cute smile. I remember the flapping stage but my little boy never crawled, he didn’t even like sitting up just lying and flapping. He was a bit lazy and didn’t walk until he was 20 months, but he’s 5 now and running around like a whirlwind.

  4. That smile is adorable! We’ve recently started weaning too – I just shove a bit of what Toby is eating on Gabe’s highchair tray and see how he gets on though! And I totally know what you mean about the swimming thing – Gabe does that too 🙂

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