Happy Half A Year Old – Baby E at 6 months old

Baby E is somehow a whole 6 months old.   6 months old!! I’m not sure how that happened and how it flew by so so quickly but I’m convinced it goes by faster the second time round.  With Z I wished the time away so much, desperate to see him do brand new things and reach those all important and ultra cute milestones. Like the first time they smile, the first time they roll over, the first time they sit up, the first time they start crawling.  I couldn’t wait for him to do one more new thing and I think I missed all the “non-eventful” days in between.  The ones where they just sit about with their feet in their mouths all day long and the ones where you feel like they’re just slobbering all over you.   

With E I’m trying to cherish it all and loving the mundane days.  This isn’t something I’ll probably get again so I’m trying not to wish it away.  It would of course be so perfect if he slept through but i think I’ll even miss the night feeds when they’re no longer needed. Sort of.

Baby E came along a whole 6 months ago, pulled out screaming from my tummy looking like an angry curled up ball.  The husband saw him first as he was lifted above the c-section screen that had been erected.  But, technically, I’d seen him first on a scan a few weeks earlier, when the sonographer had scanned his face for me around 32 weeks and I saw the fine details of a round head and huge eyes looking back at me.  The hubby hadn’t been able to make that particular scan.  I was having them weekly after 30 weeks though so I would just pop in.  “No-one had eyes that big”, I remember thinking to myself.  Surely it was just a “scan thing”. He does have the biggest eyes ever though and they are probably his defining feature, along with his smile.

At 6 months he still can’t sit up unaided for very long and tends to lean quickly.  He loves his feet so much, he will launch himself at them as soon as he sees them. I think the majority of photos of him are ones with his feet in his mouth.  He is loving weaning so far and we are intending to switch to baby led over the next month. I think it might be perfect for him.  We have no teeth yet but have a million symptoms of teething. Poor kid, I forgot how irritating teething can be for babies.  He is a very affectionate baby and will slobber, slap and squeal at those he really likes; mainly his parents and his big brother.  His big brother is ultra protective and won’t let us give him any kind of solid food, just in case.  “Babies can’t eat that, don’t give it to him”.  He is overly generous with his “HUGGIES!!” and would dish them out hourly if he could.  Baby E usually lets him know very loudly if it’s one huggy too many. He absolutely loves it first thing in the morning though, which is normally when Z prefers lots of quiet time.  It’s fair to say we’re still searching for balance.  
At 6 months I still have no clue how to juggle two children.  I take my hat off to anyone that does this successfully with multiple children. How on earth does one do it?  We are pretty much still winging it 99% of the time and I won’t even mention bedtime.  Thank goodness for wonderful Other Halves.  We are getting better, at everything, but I think it might take another 6 months to get it right.  Having said that, we’re definitely more relaxed about it than the first time round.   Trips out are fine and scrolling through my Instagram shows me a feed that has gone from a stream of newborn baby snaps to one that  is very “me”.  One filled with food, the babies, tea and trips out.  It means I’m hopefully doing ok.    

I’m hoping the next 6 months bring our first holiday as a family and lots of milestones and lots and lots of happy mundane days.  Nice and slowly please.


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30 thoughts on “Happy Half A Year Old – Baby E at 6 months old”

  1. Oh Tas what a wonderful post although six months already!? Wowsers, it’s flying past isn’t it. You’re totally right making every moment count, I remember with POD wishing she could do this, that and other and before you know it she’s five! Gorgeous photos too 🙂

  2. Obviously he thinks his feet are very tasty! Sounds like having 2 is going really well. I know what you mean about IG becoming more about you again. I missed the baby stage because I wasn’t blogging during that first year, but you do see it across IG feeds I follow.
    Emma T recently posted…My Sunday Photo – StoweMy Profile

  3. Awww how lovely. As a family with a child who has gone off to University I can’t tell you enough how wonderful it is to treasure every moment. The only way I coped with 2 little ones was with my Phil & Ted Sport – oh my that was a lifesaver.

    Your little E has got the most beautiful eyes and smile….hopefully not showing you too much of it at night though.
    Pinkoddy recently posted…Easter Roast LambMy Profile

  4. What a lovely update! I have three little ones and it doesn’t get any easier – I am definitely just winging it on a day to day basis!

  5. Ah what a lovely post. I can’t believe it’s been six months already! I hope the next 6 don’t whizz past in an instant. There’s a lot to be said for those in between days 🙂

  6. Oh they are so cute and look gorgeous together. They look like they’ll be inseparable.
    Big bro is going to be looking after his little bro and little bro will certainly look up to his big bro.
    Happy days ahead ;D

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