Six months of school

The other day, Zs teacher commented on how big baby E has gotten, how time flies by way too quickly and how Z has now been at school for 6 months.  Six months of school!

I’ve often wanted to blog about his antics at school but have suddenly been bothered by maintaining a level of privacy for him.  His world has become much bigger with the start of reception. So many friends, so many parents, so many teachers. And with that, the Internet becomes a much smaller place.  His friends will soon become savvy enough to start using the Internet.  Their parents even more.  I’m not sure how comfortable I feel about another child or adult that knows of him to be reading detailed accounts of what’s he’s been up to.  So, for now, I’ve kept him off a lot.  Of course this whole worry with privacy may fade away and I’ll go back to blogging about him but at the moment I’ll keep it a bit more general.

It’s been a mad six months. Z can now read! And write! And do phonics!  It feels like it’s been a few intense months of phonicing them to death, but they’ve just done their last sound this week.  I find it amazing that they’ve all come on so quickly in such a short space of time. Z loves writing but not spellings so much.   But then I’m not sure which kid enjoys weekly tests.  He loves sounding out words when we’re out and about and enjoys having a snoop at our phones now.  There are weeks where he just can’t be bothered and wants to be with me.  His regular one is “but you don’t go to work Mummy, why can’t I stay with you?”.  I always want to keep him home those days but I give him the usual pep talk and hand the sulky child over to his lovely teacher.        

I never really appreciated that this year would be a huge life lesson for him and me.  Friendships and socialising has been a huge thing.  Making friends, falling out, learning to play nice, 5 year old playground politics. It’s funny and painful and sad all at once.   You want to cocoon them from the rubbish side of friendship but know it’s something they have to learn by themselves too.  The first school trip caused a tiny bit of anxiety but ended up being a big wonderful adventure.  We now *have* to go again, all of us, according to him.  

The little fussy eater is now trying different foods regularly and, although it’s not always a success, he has expanded his choice of foods. At long last!   Egg sandwiches are the latest addition to his menu and I’m hoping chicken will follow at some stage.  And apple crumble. My kid doesn’t like apple crumble or custard. How terrible is that!

I get the feeling the rest of the school year will fly by at lightning speed and it’ll be the summer holidays before we know it.  And just like that, we’ll be preparing for year one.  Maybe by then I won’t have use Baby E to drag my teenager wannabe out of bed!  

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  1. That seems to have flown by! This year rally has flown by and I can’t believe that my ‘baby’ is nearly in year 2! It all happens too quickly. School is such a big learning curve for all of us and it sounds like Z is doing brilliantly. It is amazing how quickly they learn to read and write too, A is reading much bigger books this year and it only seems like yesterday that we were doing the phonics.
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…An Easter Ode to Hotel ChocolatMy Profile

  2. 6 months really does fly past, doesn’t it? Six more months and Kara will be joining her brothers in school …

    I know what you mean about wanting to protect Z’s privacy. I am increasingly wary of not writing too much about him now that might embarrass him later, and I’m also very careful not to write anything specific about his school or teachers. I think that’s a healthy concern to have – better to err on the side of caution now and not regret anything later.

  3. That is an adorable photo and I understand your wants to keep more away from the web though your update is lovely. I’ve found time is going by quicker since becoming a parent, like they fast forward it #MySundayPhoto

  4. it is scary that both out boys are half way through their first year at school. I cannot believe that next year Burton will be in KS2!!! I have not blogged about mine of my boys lives as much over the last year or two. I still have things `I want to write about, but like you I am not sure now whether to or not
    Wast a gorgeous photo of your boys 🙂 adorable and what beautiful eyes Baby E has!
    Jenny Paulin recently posted…Project 366, 2016. Week 11My Profile

  5. I can so relate to this post. Its like only yesterday that my son is in Reception and now in year one and in a few months will be in year 2! What’s more amazing is how much he is learning. But the only thing thats constant with my son (& probably with yours) is the waking up in the morning thing. I still need to drag him out of bed =P

    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…Spring AwakeningMy Profile

  6. What a gorgeous photo, very precious. I do understand how you feel about keeping him private. You have to think how they will feel when they get a little older and people read about them. It’s lovely to keep a record but it’s hard to know how much to include.

  7. It is mad how fast they come on when at school. Eliza is on blue reading level already and I am shocked by how well she does. Looks like both boys are growing fast

  8. Time goes so quick when they are at school doesn’t it? And Z sounds like he is thriving. I can’t believe some of the things Mads can do now that she couldn’t do before. Her reading and writing are coming along so nicely- I am so proud of her and I am sure you are of Z too. x

  9. It has just gone so quickly hasn’t it – I can’t believe they’re two thirds of the way through their first school year and so much has changed since the first day they all went in all looking slightly drowned by their uniforms!!
    Carie recently posted…The wisdom of youthMy Profile

  10. It’s gone TOO quick. It’s frightening. I’m waiting to hear back about my littlest starting at the school nursery in September. Just half days for the first year. But it will be the first time in six years that I’ve not had a child home all day with me. What on earth do I do??!
    Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely recently posted…A Kid’s Room FakeoverMy Profile

  11. Love this little catch up with Z, it sounds like he is doing so well, there is so much going on for them at this ago it’s just amazing what they take in. I feel the same as you, I’ve suddenly found it harder to write about Lucas, knowing that people at school could see it. I still want to write about what he’s up to though 🙂 I so wish I could keep him home too on the days he says he doesn’t want to go in, I try really hard to put a brave face on it! xx
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  12. My son doesn’t like apple crumble either – I have to fashion it into a kind flapjack! But yes, six months do fly by and yet it’s enough to change kids hugely. M is a couple of years younger than Z but he started at a new preschool in September, and on some days I barely recognise him. For better in many ways, though the cheekiness has certainly ramped up too!
    Eline @ Emmy + LIEN recently posted…{The Ordinary Moments} #1 – Sand in my shoesMy Profile

  13. My little girl is starting school in September and I’m so nervous about it, it’s a huge change for both of us. I’m constantly trying to slow down time, I hate the thought of it all slipping away so quickly. I know what you mean about writing less about them when they go to school, I’ve realized recently that Mabel is getting to the age where she might be embarrassed by some of the stories that I share and find hilarious.
    Louise (Squished Blueberries) recently posted…Happy Days #6 | Making friends and Making memoriesMy Profile

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