The kids in this playground


The kids in this playground rush about and get there in the morning, ready for school to start. Some looking scruffy, like they’ve got dressed in the dark. Some looking immaculate, with an obvious pride in their appearance.  Some will go home after this, some will rush off to work. Same kids, day in, day out.

The kids in this playground stand about waiting for the bell. Some standing aloof from the others, even half a year on. They don’t like to or aren’t very comfortable with the other kids, even now. Some there only because they have to be. Other kids will be drawn to the same crowd every day. There will be rushed conversations about the latest party. Who was invited? Who wasn’t? Why was that particular kid not invited? News spreads like wild fire in the playground. It’s hard to keep some things quiet.

The kids in this playground worry about spellings. Are they doing enough with their own kids? Is it the test today? Everything will be ok, they assure themselves. They’ve made their kids practice. 

The kids in this playground eye up the boisterous kid. The one that gets a bit too physical with their own kid.  How to deal with him? The kids worry slightly about pushing and shoving. They know though, he doesn’t mean to. And It’s a lovely class and a lovely school.

The kids in this playground gather their things and their own kids as the bell goes and get into line. Bag, check. Water bottle, check. Wellies, check. Mummy kisses, check. Today is exciting. Today is the school trip.  

The kids in this playground let their own kid go into class with a wave goodbye, until 3.30pm when it’s time to pick them up. They leave the school gates with one last backward glance and a silent prayer. “Please God, let my kid have a brilliant time on his very first school trip”.  

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  1. Great post. I totally get this, we all feel like we are back in the playground when we are back in that social situation don’t we? Mine aren’t at school yet, but at all the groups we go to I’m always the one that stays on my own. Luckily my children don’t take after me and they are always in the mix, getting involved with the other children!x
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  2. Great post, I can remember my first time back in the playground last year, felt awkward, everyone in their little groups but soon made friends, and then disaster struck this year when my school bully started with her little girl. Enough said!

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