A postcard from Turkey

It’s our last day in Turkey and, like all good holiday makers, I’m only just getting round to sending a postcard.  It’s been a really brilliant week (besides when Little Z got poorly with tonsilitis!) and it’s flown by way too quickly.

We booked the holiday very last minute and.  It’s currently “off season” here and we were expecting the weather to be in the low 20s and very quiet.  We’ve been very lucky and pleasantly surprised that it’s stayed around 30 degrees and been pretty humid.  It’s slightly too hot for the boys around noon but we managed to get a room with a pool attached and they’ve enjoyed living in it!

I think most of Lancashire and half of Glasgow had exactly the same idea as us. The hotel is filled with families and excited kids who’ve all had their Easter holidays really late.  We’ve never really had a “sit about pool side” holiday before and we see the same people at breakfast, lunch, dinner, by the pool, at the beach.  It’s a bit crazy but has been hilarious and we will be telling our holiday tales for time to come.  We’re all on the same flight back too.  It’s going to be crazy. 

There is one big family group here of 30. Yes 30!! They are understandably very loud and they move in one huge pack.  One of the families in that group has kids aged 6, 5, 4 and 3.  And they are not insane.  I can’t stop staring at the mother; all coolness and calm. I want to be her.  With just 2 kids though. I would totally be crazy and bald with anymore. 

I will miss the guy from the spa that I pass each morning.  He’s like Tigger in human form, with the spikiest hair and most amazing skin you’ve ever seen.  Every single morning, I walk past the spa to go for breakfast and our conversation goes like this…

Him: “Good morning lady! How are you?”

Me: “Good thank you. How are you?”

Him: “You’re welcooome!”

I fully expect jazz hands from him at that point but it never happens.  Sadly.  Maybe today…possibly.

Weirdly I’ve stayed off social media quite a lot and put my phone down.  I’ve pondered life and the universe and thought about going back to work.  I do want to go back to work eventually.  This is good news for me.  On my last maternity leave I was dreading it but my mindset is a bit different this time.  I just need to work out how to juggle it.  It’ll come.  Somehow.

We have found that Baby E absolutely loves the water.  He floats about happily in his baby boat and his instincts are to kick a lot. I think he may be ready for swimming lessons.   Little Z is loving having some company in the pool and looks very confused every time some of our Turkish friends ask him if he remembers them.  He was 3 the last time we came so has no real recollection of anyone. It’s lovely they all remember him by name.  The poor boy suddenly got tonsilitis here but the doctor was so good and he got treated very quickly.  Thank goodness for great medical staff and travel insurance! I get the feeling we’ve not seen the last of his inflamed tonsils.  The doctor recalled he treated me for insect bits a few years back at another hotel.  He still mistakenly thinks I’m some of photographer.  I never managed to correct him.

Baby E, on the other hand, is loving being picked up by every random person that offers.  They quickly learn that his little fat hand reaches out to gently stroke their face and is quickly followed by his attempt to gouge their eye out.  Some find it hilarious.  Some, understandably, not so much.   We are like meerkat parents; constantly watching out for who has our second born.   

I wish we could stay in Turkey a bit longer but the time has come to go home soon and do a million loads of laundry.  We will appease our soon to come holiday blues with plans for summer. So bye, from Turkey. For now!

Wish you were here!

Nemo and Captain American, poolside in Turkey

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26 thoughts on “A postcard from Turkey”

  1. What a lovely postcard! It sounds like you’ve had a brilliant time, despite Z being ill. It’s great that there’s a doctor there and he got treated so quickly.
    I’m laughing at the thought of the dos man and all the people you see at every mealtime.
    Hope you have a safe journey back.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Not watching TVMy Profile

    1. He was so funny. I wish I’d taken a photo of him now. Z keeps telling me how he didn’t like to be kissed by him 🙂

  2. That photo is gorgeous, I’m so glad you’ve had a good time and that Z got seen quickly, at least he’s been able to enjoy the break. I can’t wait to hear more about it, sounds like it’s been good fun. Funnily enough a lot of people say I seem very calm when I feel anything but, haha, maybe that mother feels the same! I think sometime when the twins were young I learnt to be laid back because the other option would be madness 🙂 Safe travels Tas xx
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…Living Arrows 16/52My Profile

    1. Thanks so much Hayley 🙂 I think that huge family had the time of their lives. It’s definitely stories we love telling right now!

  3. Aww what a lovely postcard and it’s good to hear you are enjoying being off social media and being in the moment. I know what you mean about work, I was the same after my first, but it did get easier each time. Still hard and still difficult to juggle, but doable. Poor wee Z glad he is on the mend and Love that wee E is enjoying the pool. x

    1. Thank you 🙂 we still need to iron out some of the intricacies of going back with hours and things but hoping to have it sorted by June…ish!

  4. What a lovely post. Being Lancashire based ourselves, my girls also have had a later Easter break. Turkey looks ace, I’ve never been before but it’s on the to-do list 🙂

  5. Gosh it’s sounds like the best holiday ever (except the family of 30!) very jealous of your late easter holiday now. What a perfect time to get away! #sharefriday

  6. I know you are home now but lovely to catch up on your post. Wow 30 degrees is hot, and I love it when your school holidays are different to the rest of the UK. You can occasionally get a good deal. Laughing at the 30 pack of people. 2 years ago we were part of a wedding party in Corfu and there was 24 of us. I bet we caused some noise when all the kids were there lol. Sounds a lovely chilled out holiday for you all x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Finding the perfect holiday at Ikos OliviaMy Profile

  7. Such a lovely post, we were so lucky with the weather weren’t we? It sounds like you had a fab time, Joe had tonsillitis just before the holidays and was off the for the week he was so poorly, he has never had it before. Must have been something going round xx
    Sarah Christie recently posted…A Greek SunsetMy Profile

  8. Sounds like a lovely holiday! I can’t even imagine going on holiday in a family group of 30 – would be too much for me! & while I can kind of see 6,5,4 & 3 being ok…imagine when they were 0,1,2 & 3!! #brilliantblogposts

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