Baby E at 7 months old – The screeching banshee stage

Baby E has hit the 7 months old mark and suddenly found that he can scream the house down.  From the moment he gets up he treats our ears to continous screeching throughout the day.  We end up with either a ringing in our ears or that feeling of deafening silence because we’re getting so used to it.  Our neighbours have suddenly disappeared for a few days and I don’t think this is a coincidence.

Ar 7 months old, we now have a commando crawler on our hands and he is absolutely everywhere.  Underneath tables, underneath our legs, underneath Little Z.  As soon as our backs our turned he makes a bee line straight for someone’s shoes and tried to swallow it whole.  We’ve had about 35 near misses and a handful of drenched shoe lace incidents. He is getting speedier and speedier day by day and I think the next month is going to be exhausting!    Oh and we almost have a clapper on our hands.  He hasn’t quite done it yet but I think it’ll happen soon.

He loves reaching out to random strangers now and trying to throw himself into their arms.  This is cute until it’s some dodgy looking / random human that looks delighted. I’m spending all my time grinning nervously, stepping backwards and trying not to let potential weirdos touch the baby. I’m not too sure why big milestones  are happening all at once but I’m hoping the next month takes it a bit easier on us all.  My mission for May is to not step into the doctors surgery at all.   Being germ free for a while would be so perfect.  Else I think I’m going to have to invest in a glorious moustache and wig to give me a good disguise.

7 months old baby
7 months old baby

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23 thoughts on “Baby E at 7 months old – The screeching banshee stage”

  1. He’s so cute though!!
    I remember the screechy stage! Fortunately my neighbours on both sides have several kids so I think they’re used to it!!

  2. what a lovely update, and such great memory to look back on. Laughed at the shoe laces….yeeeuuuccchhhh.
    Minky has a habit of disappearing under daughters table, usually when he is up to no good with something he should not have.

  3. Burton loved his jumperoo. Awww its sweet when they discover they have a ‘voice’ even if it is screeching lol. i knew he would be moving soon after your post last weekend! there will be no stopping his now x x
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  4. He’s doing so much for seven months, can’t believe he’s mobile already! I remember having some really tough weeks when the twins got on the move, at first it so exciting and then it’s just flipping exhausting! He is so cute though I think it it all worth it 🙂
    Hayley @hayleyfromhome recently posted…Five Under £5 MayMy Profile

  5. Ah the eyes in the back of your head stage!! Everything goes into their mouth.
    I like his walker (it is a walker isn’t it?) Lots to keep him occupied.

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