Crawling to the end of term

We seem to be the only area in the whole country that doesn’t have holidays starting for a whole other week. I was very pleased with this when I saw the calendar months ago as it instantly meant we could go somewhere and potentially pay cheaper prices. What I didn’t anticipate though is that it would feel like a bit of a slog by this week and it feels like we are literally crawling towards the finish line. Just five more days of school to go and we will finally be on holidays. I cannot wait. I think Zs teachers cannot wait either. Everyone at school looks a bit weary and with school germs bouncing about everyone is ready for some good time off.

The other thing I didn’t anticipate is that we would have no clue where to actually go on holiday. I’m a bit nervous taking Baby E on his first trip abroad yet and don’t want to do crazy long connecting flights. That doesn’t stop me looking at deals to the Maldives on the Internet and trying to talk myself into just booking it! (It’s way too far and expensive though). We’ve looked at everything from New York to Miami to Abu Dhabi to Rome to Turkey to Agadir and finally decided on….London baby!

A nice safe trip to Legoland, Windsor and a few lovely days in London being typical tourists and eating lots of good food. It felt very right when we decided and I feel a bit strange for passing up a trip abroad but, for now, this feels right and maybe we will go somewhere in the summer. We haven’t quite booked anything yet but we have always been a bit last minute so that doesn’t bother me much.

Our aim for the next week is to make a firm of determination and crawl to that finishing line to the start of our Easter holidays. We can do this!!

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  1. It’s tough and tiring with the longer term but enjoy the time at Legoland and London without the extra hassle of the usual school holiday crowds – definitely an upside!

  2. Ah my girls only started their holidays on Friday and we did’t even think to go away – definitely missed a trick! Going abroad can be quite stressful with a baby so I think you made the best decision. Enjoy!

  3. We are also impatient last week for the half term to come. We would go on our school run and see people have their break already!

    This is such a nice photo to go with the post! I hope you can find a place where it will be comfortable to go with a baby =)

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  4. These holidays have been such a pain haven’t they grrr, although I have had Joe off all week with a high temperature and a cough, its much better when easter is at easter although like you say with a bit of planning we could have got a great deal. I booked a holiday last week to Ikos resorts in Greece and cant wait, then after the hols we will meet for that coffee x

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